XXXXXX: I like carpentry, so I can saw this wooden beam in half for you
if you want me to, it doesnīt matter to me, if itīs the millionth time, I do so.

Claus: When, you express nothing but happiness and health
and stand firm on, that it doesnīt matter to you, if itīs the millionth time doing so,
then it doesnīt liberate you over time from the fact, that you could have released a
waste product within the words "can saw" from your power in nature.

XXXXXX: Then one is not allowed to do that anymore!!!
itīs damn well the same of saying, that one no more neither is allowed to breathe!!!

Claus: That was not, what I meant with, what I said,
then I might add, that if we shall talk breathing,
then one could instead practice chewing it into pieces
and eat it without only drawing it down into the other system
and not eat anything of it...

To return to the other subject again.
Then it can in other words be possible for the youth to use the words in indiscriminately,
because they have loads of understanding attitudes in front of them at their disposal
where as for an elderly person, who has used so much of his or hers understanding
attitudes, that there almost arenīt any left in front of that person
and that it therefor also has come to matter more for this person to make others understand
this elderly person, who still feels, that this is an understanding young move,
where as women properly instead would take part in the unity, that they see in the understanding,
the youth has.

If one understands this, then one can use ones own released waste product
to make, the concerned person deserved free from the vulnerable circumstances and
thereby also extract some healthy power.

Be awake, when you think, and donīt know, that you can rest
safely almost sleeping in reality
no matter, which age you have!!!

Action bronson:...
Shit on my chest, shoot colors like a care bear
All year see me tan, hopping out the van
You wasn’t there, now you tryna show face

Shit on my chest, shoot colors like a care bear
All year see me tan, hopping out the van
You wasn’t there, now you tryna show face

Shit on my chest, shoot colors like a care bear
All year see me tan, hopping out the van
You wasn’t there, now you tryna show face

XXXX: I get it, stress!!!

No, understand this in a mix of English and Danish:
...hopping out the van!!!

It takes time to do it the right way!


Disassemble 4 televisions
and recreate my focused vision close by
so that I can let it grow

When happiness got tired of going your way...

That the titel has been dipped like so does make it possible for it to play with your fantasy, if that you are open for it.
As one in ones own current habits often would continue with them without thinking about, that the happiness might feel like
doing something even better other than turning over into misfortune going your way...

Itīs some of the things, that I like to do in my process of making art, as I to a parallel to that often have misunderstood
things, being said in everyday life, that then has contributed to, that I have lived with two versions in almost all matters.

Itīs in other words much more up to ones self, than one wants to recognize, and why is that?

My guess is, that one can be insecure over the fact, that one has so much power over ones own life,
without others wanting to take more over, than oneself needs to.
And that they therefor also can produce a certain safety to that certain person.

Here is yet no symmetrick

As long, that there is a wall, whether it is invisble or not,
are there also at least to beings, who works on each their side of it.
So I have been carrying two pixels around, that I didnīt know, where that I should place
.................Who dares to stop first.....?
.....Can we be without it.................?

The 1/4-09 were there 5.515.287

Oohhh, so you are still stuck with the triple screen laptops.....huh....?

If the screens can be made almost paperthin, they would be able to make up for the one and only screen on the one screen laptops....
in terms of size and weight....

XXXXX: Shut the fuck up...I have to hear...The news good evening...:
Who can help the world from interfering...!!!

The next claus velling-hansen has to be even better!!!

The Caretaker: Iīm sorry to inform you Sire,
but we have lost all of our urinsamples...

A psycologist: Got dammit, you magot,
first you lost our librarian, all our curved furniture and now this!!!
from now on all urinsamples have to go throw me!
There are really limits as to, what one can contain!

XXXX:...donīt forget that the whole thing can come of(f) calm(both ways)...
- so the calm remains strong on itīs own,
because you perhaps found a space in between the whole thing to put more space into
or wrapped the whole thing up with the space from your obvious hands
of willingness to victimhood, no more
and created a space for a new calm sequence.

If one also only can find the rhythm in a Pace-ma-ker amongst other elements in the writing,
is and/or are there then a risk and/or chance for one, to get one?
or a risk to get exposed to a certain threatening element or a risk to get pulled into one ?
therefor maintaining the rhythm to one threatening element close by can keep some, not all, but some further away.
- even if the rhythm over time can fall further and further behind?

XXXXX: Childabuse, childabuse and childabuse haha!!!

Anja Andersen could perhaps because of testerone mistakenly GET TO x-PRESS everything with anger through a fragile and sensetive heart
and get nothing out of it and/or get much more out of it, than she even wanted,
as if she gave herself a heart attack all on her own...

XXXXX: Homo, homo and homo haha!!!

Thanks, because I now know, where to place it!!!

XXX: What the fuck is this here, a fucking kindergarten???

Yeah, welcome motherfucker!!!

XXX: HEY!!!, behave champ!!!

You do know, how (the blood flows) amongst other elements like never before in-between the contrasts, donīt you?

XXXXXX: Canīt you try to explain, how the right rhythm is found in rebelious and violent rapmusic???,
so that one can navigate with it in the bagage???

If you can catch the rebelious and violent rapmusic in getting into your pattern of thoughts
before, that you hear it and think and/or say further, that it sounds sick?
- Then it wonīt enter your thought pattern!

Can one find a good and/or, if I may say so a normal rhythm in rebelious and violent rapmusic without
experiencing it in its limited form to rebeliousness and violentness heard and closed in with the stupidity behind the ears?
yes, if one x-periences it from its heard form to its read form with the eyes
and realizes, that it in its read form opposite the other form sooner or later
also will hold room for things such as being able to think about it,
if you noticeably also hear it in the right conditions where there is and/or are room for it

If, that you donīt have room in form of time in your patience because of too many things,
that takes up room physically, mentally and/or emotionally
- Then you can also move things with your patience outside of yourself,
because you start with giving room in yourself to be able to use it,
istead of using your, if I may say lackofpatience
to try to release the former lackofpatience with and not against and to
organize things inside yourself as outside of yourself with

Acknowledge thelackofpatience to turn it into the lack of patience
not yet mirrored in someone or something
even if, that it can become so great, that it mistakenly
doesn't get spoken and written about, but overlooked, as it really is.

If a blodclot is out to get me, it has to go through my network first!
- would it then become so eager and energetic, that it redeems itself?

XXXXX: Claus, remember now nobodyīs perfect!!!

Claus: This right here ain't neither goddamn perfect, this is fucking balanced shit!!!

XXXXX: I would like, to invite you to move up in the world, whatcha say?

Claus: No, thanks!

XXXXX: How about doing a radio show or a tv show to become even more well known???

Claus: Sorry, but you canīt hand me the world in any better way,
that I have worked so hard to have it presented to me now.
- If I let you break me, Iīll have to give something else up with great value
thatīs the way things work with destiny, as I canīt nor it canīt consist of everything!

XXX: Ask him if...XXXXX: No, we will get him later!!!

XXXX: There has to be a balance in dwelling content,
so fucking hell, I am going to rob all, that you have???, Claus

My free person is not closed contemptuously for others up in
whealth and big and fat villa walls

My free person is with love and understanding closed up in others situations and/or bodies and/or minds,
of wanting it their way from others, who couldnīt give it to them.

So you canīt rob me for, what I donīt have, and/or for what is free,
and if you find something to rob, then it is actually only yourself, that you rob,
remember that, when I feel, that you come hungry to me and ainīt getting a damn shit for and/or from me...

Then they canīt and/or shouldnīt apprehend you,
where "shouldnīt" also has been taken into your hands
to keep, "they canīt" away.

The perfect crime
is, to let trickle out a little
and then let it unexpected be and
invisibly rob some sense from their back,
no matter where your material hungry body want to be...

But unfortunatly is, that when there ainīt
anymore sense to rob,
the boring and deadpoor patience triggers impatience?

The value is just as much, that there still are
some patient room in you to fill out with exactly
that sense or another sense, that should be honoured and should grow
behind their back, or where it might be...

And if you canīt find anymore value sooner or later,
and if that it all goes around in a circle,
then remember, that the perfect crime is, to let it trickle out a little...

Is it my fault?

Try to imagine, that you will have to project yourself
so much out of the body and mind and way further outside of ones own madness
and actually so far out after ones own bloodflow
to be real and protecting in front of a familymember,
every place, where this familymember might be,
when you sit in the couch and also have to concentrate about
spending time amongst other things on yourself...

XXXX: Do you mind? thinking inside of yourself, Mum really has to concentrate about this!
Canīt it wait?, Honey??

Because, that it like so many other people binds them to secure
a good financial future for themselves in a society, that only thinks about money
even then, that they are working for those money, then itīs still money, that it comes down to

If I still also will have to make great efforts to
redirect our fathers ageing healable difficulties my way
then Iīll still have to put my hearty forces amongst others in risk of dying
- and not to mention my bloodflow, that only was periodically worn, bad and tired in my body
until, that it got combined with the concerned,
but when the next body has been runned through,
I may have to turn myself another way, to renew it
unless that other people and/or subjects take pride in the joy
- if we donīt do it, then will have to fight with it himself,
and then some of us might be affraid to contribute with ours again,
because it can leave itīs marks anyway...

How can I relax, when he once in a while gasp for air?

XXXXXXX: He doesnīt, so you should not worry yourself about that!!!

I know, that there might not be a hell of alot of workable resistance nor air
for an old experienced age
so I hope, that by you saying that can create some workable elements for him!

XXXXXXX: What the hell is it, that you are doing???

Iīm trying to contain or lock it down or at least validate, what you are saying
so if it gets him mad, he should go back and look at that good workable resistance and air, he didnīt notice!
even if going back lacks it!!!

XXXXXXX: No, and then how about, you concentrated more about helping your dear Mum???

What is mentioned here isnīt necessary the only thing going on!!!
As, it can also be difficult for a mentally ill mind to overcome
physical distances, the thick mentally invisible to the eye almost physically air above Aarhus
plus a hell of a lot wrong bricks
- when the only thing you wanted, was to just be there!!!


Whether you want to understand it, as if Iīm Baby, honey or if itīs about of a real mother and her child,
whose bloodflow still feels the mothers hearty proximity getting further away and that it therefore disturbs the mother,
when she was just about to feel my bloodflow
and/or was just about to create her own blooflow of the good financial future to be delt out in the family
- Then it wonīt get to me yet, because my bloodflow in my schizophrenic outcome
can still come back to my reserve renewed...

XXXXX: You idiot, are you saying, that you are able to predict the future???

Claus: No, I canīt!!!

Claus: While some people are coming rushing
wanting to do it better than me...
Do you see, what I said???

Where itīs cold, shall there be warm close by, for them who experience it
being too far away...

I will grind the mind a bit more...

Where there are ??????????, shall there be ?????????? close by, for them who experience it
being too far away...
and thereby bringing it closer by...
- Itīs no more physical too far away than, you let your mind get beaten by, physically

- Thereby understood, as ?????????? arenīt limited by the amount of ?

Holding onto what is considered as nothing amongst nothing and more of nothing

Ainīt it hard to look inwards, look weakly down or overcome yourself also amongst other people,
when the first thing you meet is denial

XXXX: How long do I have to look inwards???

XXX: Looking weakly down???

XXXXX: Overcoming myself???

You should look so long inwards, until your sharp I leads you through
and at some point surprisingly leads you unlimited outside of yourself again,
because what is inwards can be way bigger, than you think
as it perhaps (way) later can be more or less smaller, than you think
and at some point surprisingly can lead you limited inside of your limited self again,
as far as holding onto, what you donīt have or nothing amongst nothing and more of nothing
should be considered as, you should hold onto, what you donīt have yet
or no thing yet amongst nothing and more of nothing,
and not nothing yet amongst nothing and more of nothing
then it much easier to overcome the circumstances...
- It can be difficult to say "no thing" to one's self, if you donīt sacrifice enough time on it

Then itīs onto looking weakly down,
why should what triggers looking weakly down
stay looking weakly down
in that way, that it can become looking strong down
- and you canīt jump straight forward and look strong down,
because it only comes over time spend looking weakly down

The last thing,
is overcoming oneself, when the first thing you are being met with is denial
- if you canīt overcome yourself, because of the strength and/or resistance of denial,
how about going a layer higher and/or perhaps a layer lower
and overcome yourself not being able to overcome yourself being met with denial
- the more the denial in that sentence and/or thought and/or feeling and/or situation shares with the elements in it,
the more power it has to share more or less
if the denial doesnīt have to share the power, then itīs, because it has been chosen by you, that way
or then itīs because, that the other elements havenīt been placed there by you
- also taking into account, that the elements being placed and nourished in it with time spend doing so,
will make the outcome more reliable and strong.

Today, everything is possible, this time around, that is

The Officer..: License and registration please!!!

XXXX..: What have I done, Officer?

The Officer..: Are you driving or surfing?
scoot over, Sir, please!
what is this?

XXXX..: What have I done, Officer?

The Officer..: Youīre being contained for listening to me and moving under the influence!!!

XXXX: You hear that???, now they are coming for you, Claus!!!

XXX: ???

XXXXX: Hello!!!, thatīs the damn Fire Department, you idiot...

Claus: O-oh...

To the Women out there..:

You look at your men with love to begin with and
for as long as it holds
and donīt notice the negative side
to the love, that you have for your man
because, you only focus on the love,
and then some of you dare to blame
your man because, he didnīt keep it away
and maybe because, that he didnīt protect his woman

The exact same "some of you" might be better to figure out
how to get entangled unnecessary in the thoughts about, that you canīt figure out how to
contribute to keep it away and/or take the responsibility on shifts
if you expect, that the negative side of the love does, just like you
WANT it to, when it is, that you want it to,
your stubborn inflexible attitude of habit doesnīt give you that many choices
and therefor
- is it, that you can turn your head to locate
the elements of the negative, but then they also
might turn over
and switch their base point
onto your men, that is unless
what lays further outside of the negative
in terms of more negative or more or less positive or neutrally
that also are being processed
postive, negative or neutrally

Please donīt be mad at me either,
if our good can get chips and take great hits from the pressure
of any natures negative

Are the negative not only supposed to exist amongst other things there, because
it shall not exist amongst other things here,
where the positive rules?

Where then?

Letīs now hold eachothers eyes open
with sharply sights on what arenīt ours,
because itīs not supposed to be ours
and letīs not become blind in the love
to eachother other than in the absolut inner
core, where it is justified and allowed...

WTF, havenīt you got brains enough to know, that people have a brain themselves, huh??? little Claus!!!

What if, there some people who donīt have the time, money and energy to seek knowledge,
because the most of their time in their everyday life goes with servering society
with almost everything else but knowledge as far as themselves goes privately

And if they should have time, money and energy saved up,
then they can use it on going back to square 1, off course, of course, when it isnīt needed
and furthermore then have the oppertunity to generate time, money and energy saved up again and emtied again,
to whoīs benefit?

I am not alluding, that society in any way shall suffer from the losses of the unwritten rule of the flow of things,
because if there was a written rule about so-called ban against "breach" or if I may say "motivation" of the flow of things,
then I wouldnīt write, what I do and instead not give anything back for my early retirement...

Isnīt it welfare or wealth to have, what one doesnīt yet need?
- I havenīt planed to shut down just yet, because I have control over my flow of things.
Thereby said, that the day, I mentally unconsiously can be distracted by perhaps a material and/or physical thing,
can shut something in, that I donīt notice, because of perhaps also the shadow of tiredness, and that it by then will be
too late to shut out again

The Age of Fate: but we are going to go further in, we are...!

No, we are not, you are not about to take me further in!
- am I expressing, without taking away that comfortable freedom of action that you got with me
and by keeping on standing improved for you

Have I with respect and with sense for detail seperated the things from the destiny,
that is "allowed" and at the same time can extend the life for us?

You havenīt like so many married and not married couples, workplaces and others not a goddamn control of your flow of things!

Du you know, what is starting build up within me?

When my living through what I create has been emptied out

When I wonīt present myself as some of todays ego of me, me and me
Iīll try to wrap it in something else
to make my purity stand out

Alot of people today needs a open wound to be
torn up to be able to find and use the positive within or without their reach
and then let the positive validate itīs self throughout what the wound represents

When the positive already is here
donīt be affraid of losing it nor using it by
validating it, if you like it?

What if my positive in companionship with you
could keep you from even getting a open wound placed upon or within you???

Then you can still have the balanced benifits of not having and having a open wound within you reach

Do you think, that itīs negative, what I create in terms of texts?
- Then you ought to happy of the fact, that you know, where you have it
opposite of, when you donīt know, where you have the negative things
in the world, that rushes in and out of your head inside your mentally victimhood and far away from mentally hands

The code word is the unexplored mental

auch!!! my heart hurts!!!

what is it, that I do???
where is my heart???
where is the nature???
where is???
where am I???
how many places am I???
what is it, that I do?

Who and how is the leader?

Can old age get numb to the young drive, one can apply to ones self
- If you ask me it could, as the young drive as it is
canīt communicate that well with the old ages numbness
So one might want to consider, if ones young drive is numb to an EVEN older age
or to somebody you properly would keep yourself from looking up to
due to even more binding to your own age

Elder person: But what about the young drive, canīt that be elder than the old age numbness, somehow???

I would suggest, that thatīs totally dependable of where you choose to place yourself
just as much in the physical as in the mental

Elder person: I see!

There you go:-)

When my heart is being attacked by pain,
it can be attacked, because the pains of the attack locks in on my heart,
but was that only, because I showed the elements of the attack, that
I had a heart to begin with?, once they were presented to me with perhaps unconsciousness for the very first time.

Next time Iīll be 100% aware
and have no heart for anything like that,
because I now know, what it is
even if itīs camouflaged in love, it doesnīt mean, that it wants me any good
and, secondly even if it now also knows about my plans.

and eventhough the attack often comes, when Iīm
being placed in a 100% unaware spot,
Iīll focus on the unaware spot
as, if itīs the only thing for me
and, until anything else is proven, I wonīt switch.

When times can get rough, there are some people near you,
who can open up your heart, to be able to make it do trades for
some strong goals, that can be obtained together with the people near you
and, thatīs when vulnerable stands and must take a side

the strong goals obtained together with the people here is a minus for now,
because the pains of the heart are being considered to be bigger
but vulnerability amongst people here can be developed to strength in a way, one might not be able
to imagine

but the strong goals being able to obtain together with the people
from the other side would be a plus here, but they doesnīt reach so far
that they can help ones vulnerabliity with the pains of the heart
so here ones own vulnerability/strength comes down to ones own concentration
whereas it might fail in between so many people on the other side

Unless, that I forsee the terms and conditions of the situations, Iīm being invited to
and either not show up or stay strong and show up.

XXX: Why does everything has to be so black and white with you?
why not be in balance in between not showing up and showing up strong,
such as you have done so many times before???

Because then other people will in advance be placed in either
the not showing up or the showing up staying strong state
of mind...

XXX: Whatīs wrong with that?, thatīs their problem!

Is it?

Returning the subject again
- if staying strong is being chosen so many times,
it also has to relax at some point...
and then in this case, it will often be in the unneeded lonely state
of mind, that is unless, one also can find room outside of ones self to feel outside of ones self.
- but the ones staying so strong might not
because of the huge impacts of the staying strong affections
that he or she has devoted themselves to

The power can be in switching in between the elements,
once some are left growing strong alone and some are worn weakend out
and, when they still are caught off guard,
but sooner or later the setting to bypass the loss of
power will, also switch or bypass on you or at least try to very heart...

When I reach out for life, can I then also get to live it suitably slowly?

You canīt be a 100% affected by this the right way,
if you havenīt come a 100% off the drugs the right way.

Iīm not asking you, if you are stupid and brainless,
because it makes you do stupid and brainless actions

but if you look long enough inside of stupidness and brainlessness,
you will find hollowness and cleverness, because you get so long away from what stupidty and brainless represent

tv and internet and being together with some people and being some places

So I ask you?,
is your brain also hollow (written in a circle),
because the places you look ainīt and that you canīt change as they are in their own starting point
no? then it keeps hurting from the fullness of denial
yes?, then it eases the fullness of denial

and then the places that ainīt hollow can become it, because you are there hollowly
and then the other places can become filled with your joy and your abilities

Then itīs no wonder that the remaining "difficult" children and youngsters
with ADHD are ready to grab their material completely physically, when some physical bodies work
closes up the one and only hollowness, that they can find and work with, in form of a steel pipe

XXXX: What do you mean by some completely physical bodies work?

Can the employess get a 100% firm grib around the arm of the ones, who wonīt do as told
and at the exact same time think a 100% about, what they should do?
- can you avoid not doing, what you use to do?

so that the employees arenīt forced to be completely in their physical bodies work this time around
and become greater and stronger in their physical appearance,
because they can become affraid of losing their job
to something that contains an older potential for, seing the whole thing being thrown overboard

If your ADHD once almost was thrown in your face without you even knowing,
then the ones who knew of it will sooner or later try to return to do it again
and if you havenīt been through all of that shit, that you keep your cool with now, and that you learn to grow with,
then you wonīt have the opportunity nor the time in that perspective to come up with a good plan
because the employees constantly comes to feed your ADHD,
and thatīs not the reward, that you must have

Itīs wise not to make plans with the euphoric insanity as a starting point, that contains all possibilities,
where you think or feel them alone with the insanity
and therefor will be met with just as much if not more resistance from the employees part,
when you want to express it,
so think, if they react this way, by you doing this,
what shall I do, to make them not want to go against me

Perhaps let them sence, that you decide to put your habits aside,
when they expect, you to return to them
and then instead not do anything and be with peace
If you want to move something in the other side of the building
and to get there, you must at least pass three doorsteps,
but then you also have the room to your physical dispose,
what then if they asked you, if you please would do that,
because they didnīt know, that you misplaced there
know the pattern

If itīs difficult being patient, be patient, because it will pay off in ways, you canīt yet begin to imagine!!!

Because your earned imagination payed with patience can affect and make the employees so much easier being around
just as much for you as for themselves...

Is the powerless cancer a waste product of ones own or others abilities of power in nature?

There is enough time for the employees at the hospital
to confirm cancer or withdraw cancer in a more or less rather just as a superficial verbally starting point, as not,
but can they give power to the patients in the purest and most powerful form?
without knowing what to do and therfor perhaps say I donīt know what to do?

- Why shall we even do anything at all, when we have Claus???
Please donīt stand so close to me, so that you give away all your entire living being,
aswell as your connection to all of your body organs and your soul to just be able to
connect with me online and get knowledge, because you think, that the more you
just rely on me and mines, the more knowledge you will get without paying a price

Not said, that your heart and/or that you canīt be physically near me,
but that there also has to be a balance in between your perhaps eager
psyche and soul and to the reason for physically near me
and the reason to physically near me isnīt anymore limited,
than you leave it
so therefor
is it possible, for you to take your physically near me feeling from physically near me
and then feel your perhaps eager psyche and soul being heavier and more earthbound.

Power as in strength is only power if, it has more or less tailwind from your or any other power source aswell as,
if it has more or less resistance from any given thing, element and/or subject
cancer as in weakness could perhaps only step out of a normal context, if there has been too much lack of resistance going on for too long
and maybe also too little tailwind from any power source there, where there were something that ruled 100000% without
the healty resistance in percieving cancer in a normal context
and only with the power sourcesīs tailwind
and therefor is it possible for the roles to change...

The wasteproduct cancer of peoples power in nature can furthermore be percieved and be used
as even more power to power more new things, but then again it can trigger
even more cancer as a wasteproduct, and then it can perhaps
get stuck even easier and more subtly,
as the cancer is being percieved and used
easier and easier as power...

I am a supplement also to myself, no more no less until, that I have to be it
but can unfortunately and luckily only be it to one at a time
and the exact same should you choose to be
not because, that you should do, what I do
but because, that we should do like eachother and live long

XXXX: Everything that, you write arenīt free, one shall use electrical power, energy and time on it!

XXX: Yes, and room for knowledge!

If one shall find a solution to the following situation,
one shall not be in the situation, as one often contrary to the expectations can be placed in it
and the manly and womanly caracter aswell,
but in the home in between them and show the man and the woman and the shit the door in a new way,
and then keep the shit out,
though one shall not be in it that way, one can look overthere..:
- I am too victim and winner of inequality,
as I am winner and victim of equality more or less..:

but not just at the same time or in the right combination,
so that it can balance eachother,
therefor I must remember, what I need to do,
when I will be placed so long behind in myself
and/or so long behind in the world
ONTIL, that I maybe will be placed so long forward in myself
and/or so long forward in the world

Your girlfriend and/or wife might be, where your feelings are upset
about the offset of your and her place in the front of the relationship,
and she might be where her feelings are upset, about your lack of fulfilling things to be done
one way a certaint place in the front of the relationship
just because, that it might seem as, if itīs impossible to fulfill your needs
or hers without any of you having to put down your needs
in order for the other ones to be fulfilled,
donīt forget about your us,
where your us havenīt been inflected by any of your known characters

Any second is open for anything, until something is placed in it with or without cleverness

The problem can be, that one at some times donīt materialize the inequality
and rather keep it for ones self and build the harmony within it further up
and mock fully let it shadow without harmony outside.

The woman: My lovely husbond once crabbed in my new stilletoes,
and I am happy that he did, because it showed, that he used his brain...

The man: Yes, and my honey here once also crabbed in one of my new sneakers,
and I too was happy, that she did, because it brought an unity
of finding more things to remain agreed on...

And then the inequality can move it self to
trigger the terapeut outburst: Well, then I donīt understand, why you said, that it
was so important to come overhere so fast???
the door is here...bye! shall not make anymore first time dates with anymore married couples,
unless that you have proof, that they arenīt well...understood!!! huh...

I canīt settle with being here,
when I havenīt been going anything through,
because this here isnīt anything to have been through
until, that I move myself physically or mentally...

So I donīt hold back
even in a bigger extent, than my being is capable of,
so the time comes to go just as fast as my life away from me,
like trains that just are whizzing wise by right before my eyes.
And I experience, that I canīt find out why,
that every time, I see a thin possibility of relaxing,
another train just comes...
but that is because, that the train gets the last "word".

I wanted to understand the circumstances
and not just put stupidly up with being withtaken unevenly taken with.

I couldnīt see the knowledge with my eyes, that I was seeking with my eyes
shut out of the room for knowledge behind my eyes
- so I found out, that it actually neither were trains, that were whizzing wise by,
but faiths grib, that were being trained by the speed to take the powersource from my chores,
that my being now should fight with
keeping to contain.
And that is obviously, an even bigger chore
to manifest, that then likewise can tie
me more in than, it manages to get tied
for and with another stranger, who can relate to it,
and who can save me with love from this torture.

Nik and Jay: But I believe in, that when one light is being put out, another one lights up

When one step is being taken, one less step is also being taken from oneīs self in the end...
- One step can be so emotionally spacy, that more can become elder accordingly with the "person",
who took it.

When one can relax in the couch, there is one, whoīs circumstances becomes even worse...
- Can you relax, when you see all, that I have created?, because I canīt
unless that, I difficultly manifest to relax in my startingpoint in you.

I survive for now...

XXXX: If the connections to what, you describe, have to be so black and white,
then that right there can cost you your own life!!!

Sometimes I feel the antimatter come closer
and/or perhaps in form of dementia

I was just thinking, that it was going well the life and the memory
for it to come good again, and that it wouldnīt dare to
let me feel, that it can leave me periodically...

XXXX: You are not shining a light on it the right way!!!

Am I not?

When I got to remember, that I have to keep the
extent of that down, which I am not about to be infiltrated with,
then I have to remember all of that even then,
istead of, that one could play around it,
when one was young,
if that one even then came close to it
amongst adult people...

But then I suddenly feel a physical pain in my back
and then, there all of a sudden arenīt no antimatter in the room, which I am in.

Have I lived 30 humans mentally lazy life twice?,
I certainly havenīt lived one single human physical life yet,
where the physical pain is up for physical negotiating,
and where it neither is directed towards my mental!!!
- But if I shall shake me free off the rather constant
mentally startingpoint, then I also have to turn myself away from
the need to mental touch exactly on behalf of myself and others.

(How much would) (you) (put in between to start with) (death)

It can sometimes be hard to see,
because of the things that you tie yourself endlessly to in the presence.

If I prioritize relaxation first with the help of diverse modern aids
in that space of freedom, it sometimes have, then I can
get to prioritize all that I at-all want to
and not see what puts a lid on top of me and then later feel the price
of the feeling of death, but yet not dead,
if it was a new combination.
- if I hover and relax in the inner and inner and outer space of freedom,
without any modern aids, then thatīs my aid all together,
and then Iīm free of a lot of things RIGHT NOW!
until that something hovers in, and unwraps me with tension...
Oh well.

If you place the healthy church first in your balance
between the best and worst of good and the worst and best of evil,
that not are supposed to define the end for someone,
but someones survivel from the end,
then the church surely also comes in the end inevitable,
but pretty sure somewhat later, unless that something or someone enters
and gets mixed the wrong way into your physically "untouched" plan.

In the meantime there are someone, especially men...

that rather place themselves in games about money
and booze and other early death elements.
- For them, the church pretty likely comes faster
in the last end, unless that there are someone
really helpfull things or humans, that
enters their clinging unplaned plan.
And if the faith even chooses to involve the church in their exit
at all.

You canīt just sit down
and expect something of the church,
if you donīt open up.

And if you canīt open up,
then itīs because that, you are opening and have opened
too many straight forward things up,
then to not open up anymore,
you have to close your need for them in all times
with perhaps the reasonable sence from other things or other people
and together with the interst in something or someone else opened up.
Or perhaps with the simple, yet difficult regontion
of the fact, that you know, what your run too early can end with?

Why should anyone look reality into itīs eyes,
when they have their own fantasy to do it with?

The exposed have difficulties exspressing and getting room
to execute the need for help, that they have,
so thatīs why, that they exspress, what they know best, but worst
and the other ones can then give themselves even more freedom of action
by tieing something onto the exposed ones.

If they want, that I shall be criminal!
If they want, that I shall feel racisme!!
If they want, that I shall be mad, negative and rebelious!!!

Then by godd they are going to feel it, because itīs not only going my way!!!!

One canīt let, the exposed ones become that, whatever it is,
by not doing "anything"
and then afterwards say, that one didnīt do "anything" at all!!!
- īcause then one didnīt do "anything" inside the head neither.

If ones hands reaches as far, that one can protect ones self
from somebody, and keep them on a distance away from ones self,
then they also reach so far, that one can avoid
getting a visit by them in the wrong way, because
one did help them in their place
at the same time, as one also helped ones self in ones own place.
- And if one denies, the distance of ones hands being able to acchieve this,
then I so deeply hope, that youīre going to die from that blodclot, I wonīt be having,
because I can figure out how to keep yīall on hold until, that
it is no longer, understandable

XXXXX: Why are you selling?
Claus: Why are you asking?

Iīm standing and smoking a cigarette
and feel as, if I have everything, I need
and not anymore to reach for
and sence, that I only can continue
stressing me fast to the long and many projects,
that also only makes death come closer

so now I will close the frontdoor...
what did I do???

But the frontdoor can still stay open, how?

XXXX: What frontdoor?

Not speaking, but writing and certaintly not sleeping!!!

Hahaha, I got the house, yes, thatīs right, move along!!!

You got the house even, if you didnīt enriched yourself gloating,
so what have you now?
possible moisture in the foundation or
an old leak in the roof
or something else unpredicted
with the building, that you could have saved your destiny from,
if you had kept your mouth shut.

What building is it, that are you talking about?

Donīt believe me?, then try me out...
Hush hush!!!

XXXX: Claus, you have exactly 1 second to save the world,
and it starts now.

So I died of a heartattack, as the person I should be.

When I once in a while sell some of my Art,
I even think of the paper in your wallet
donīt believe me?
then barg at me
and see my reaction...

What if you got asked, how you would deal with your power,
when it stands in your way together with cancer and demands you
with further power represented more or less?
what then if, YOU didnīt get asked?

XXX: Well, if I didnīt get asked with or without sound, then "nothing" was going on!!!
And if I listened for something with sound and couldnīt hear anything,
I would close my eyes and defend my power

Thatīs the spirit now, and for how long now reaches.

What your mentally opinion is about
cancer or anything else?
can become your physical posture towards it.

You are perhaps fighting it,
and then why do you think, that it is intractable,
because you are just as intractable
and, what wouldnīt it then not come up with and hitting you with???

To try to make it tractable WITH it, to lead it away elsewhere and to be without it
or use all the energy on making it tractable AGAINST it?
then it ends up with it, bothering you, right?

Remember that, even when it becomes to difficult to remember.

Are you affraid to trust me, because of what I say,
and are you hiding yourself in behind the faith and lifeforce on
the things and subjects, that are tumbling into your head,
when I ainīt the only one, who can see that in you, which I can help you with.

XXX: Who else?

amongst other things and others, your fantasy:-)

What will we treat "the dying" like????
OMG? shall die?
with a common unconsciousness towards "the dying"
or with a complete common consciousness
of we all will survive?

I believe, that the unconsciousness also was
in the physical world, last time I checked,
wasnīt it?

Material goods reaches far as greed or in envy
and perhaps sometimes as the only value in the only world,
that we tend to live in, but are there any boundaries as to, how far we
can reach in eachother and in eachothers worlds
in form of presence in emotions and love etc. not in ourselves or "in"
materieal goods, but in eachother.
- yes, unfortunately until, that thereīs a material presence, that we die because of.

What if we explored the potential for the one, who can become "the dying"
and/or for the one who loses the living energy bit by bit,
so that the death then can get that advantage of adding that to it self
and be able to do even more, that it shouldnīt do.

- It doesnīt have to begin to become "dying"
either the person and/or nor the energy.

- Exactly, because we are going to make it even more alive by being even more in it!

If you havenīt had your heart explored and/or
have explored things and/or subjects with your heart, but everything else
how would you then ever feel, that your heart has hands to and from it
throughout your feelings?

Should you choose to live under the belief
of the fact, that death isnīt a choice,
then it is one, that you wonīt get to make for yourself,
because you werenīt aware of it and were making a diversion from being able to survive.

XXX: Give an example!!!

Doing the laundry and only doing the laundry arenīt gonna come down to your life
- But maybe rather come down to your death, because you werenīt aware from within.

Should you choose to live under the belief
of the fact, that death is a choice,
then it is one, that you could get to make for yourself,
because you knew it.

But you could maybe also lose it, because you maybe could get so
happy to make the choice for yourself.

Remember who and what gave it to you...

So big physically, but how big mentally, where?

Sometimes, when you feel thereīs nothing to do,
some big thing and/or subject is/are against you, to make you feel
small and incapable of doing anything,
and then the size of the thing and/or the subject being against you
will perhaps control your own size of percieving and/or feeling yourself.

The rule is, that it is and has to be connected, but not how it is to be connected...
- What then about giving it a try of flipping the sizes around
with the small percievement and/or feeling of yourself.

A new solution is awaken,
but the same will once be dead and taken...

The physical sizes and connections might be obvious to your Physique,
but try disconnecting the physical relations of the the big thing
and/or subject to your mental by all means of focus on that, away from the situations
and the outcome will in most cases also be way bigger, than
the actual thing and/or subject being against you.

Settle with small is how big you can be about it!
Too easy? is how it can become too difficult to handle it like so!

XXXX: Claus, you are only living completely in your mind!

Claus: Would you rather, that I was completely physical and braindead?

For them who laughs inside or outside of something,
that others think certaintly not is anything to laugh about,
these people who laughs donīt realize, that
they are going to be laughing of something along the subject,
that donīt let them go just like that,
eventhough they might think, that they have escaped it
and neither before, that they have paid a fair price.

There was a time, when I had enough physical heart to show so much
mentally heart, because that the physical heart was brand new....
- But now it is worn, and now my will can overload my physical heart amongst other things...

If I then prioritize my physical heart and/or my mentally heart and/or my will amongst other things
first in a (too) light belief of relief, then it becomes a furthermore uneven heavy load in the end for
exactly those body parts.

Now relax Claus, relax, now do relax Claus!!!

But if I with balance prioritize relaxation first all places in the belief
of relief, then it can become a relief relaxed all places.

XXXXX: Dear god, I canīt see, that everything that concerns us human
beings as in faith and sickness etc.
are humanly guided and/or controlled.

There ainīt nobody here!

Claus: Consciously or unconsciously?
I canīt see nothing but people here on earth
and then alot of other living "dead" things...

XXXXX: Are there any other reasons, why itīs humanly guided and/or controlled?

Claus: Yes, that could be, that the opportunities in that secret are hard to find.
- Not because of humans now,
but because of the faith and natural price to obtain more knowlegde.

And when the opportunities in that secret gets presented for the first time,
then itīs faith, that people are starting to rush to and almost not
are willing to move again...
And then there can likewise also rush so many people to,
that there also comes a sickness.

I wonder, if that was why, I got sick at seventeen, because the
opportunities of the things that I could consist of no end would take.
- Then it is that end, that it before or after and maybe soon will take
and stop my heart with.

But can the ones, who are supposed to find the cause find it at that time
that there is?

A good treatment
A good treatment
A good treatment
on a good treatment
on a good treatment
on a good treatment is good for the one, who gives it,
and this person then also believes, that it is good for the victim,
but when everything comes on top of the old and bad treatment,
that lies in or on the victim,
it gets encapsulated, and then it is being felt
even more, because it then also weighs more.

What is one then supposed to do?
Shall one take the bad treatment out into outer space?

Claus: and into?
No, but perhaps more precisely into an airy room
of no pain

How is that?

Perhaps with a deep, difficult and painful apology?,
that can make the pain get relieved from the victim,
and then one could give another place
on the body or in the mind of the victim,
all the good treatments on top off one another,
for then like creating an extra skin for this person,
and thereafter then find the new and good rythme and keep it.

Who is who?

They both are!

There can at times be so many functions in the adult being,
that one has to keep on going by oneīs self
maybe, because that the "gears" no longer goes that well
in contact with eachother,
and so one just canīt go and count on, that they wonīt grind to a hold,
like when everything were so new.

When I canīt keep myself together,
I am most well, when I am here in close relations
with things, subjects and people, that is, when the world also
appears to big and strung out.

As long as you have my soul,
that I have put into my craft in front of you
on the website or away from the website,
or until, that my soul is incapable of reaching thus far,
you have nothing, and I say nothing to worry about...

Aarh, goddamn it, now life is bad again,
I canīt take it!!!

Claus: What did you expect???
Either the bad life comes here before or after
or another place, where you are before or after!!!

The rise of the bad life
might find itīs way in you,
because you donīt see it in time
and keep the pieces to the good life
from falling apart,
and then the good life becomes the bad life, because the good life isnīt anymore.

XXX: How is one supposed to change it before, it shifts?

One can redefine and recreate the good life,
before itīs too late, by not mentally and physically letting it
consist, be limited or be connected
of/by the things or persons, that/who will make it a bad life.

But what now if you acted and expressed yourself
differently along the way, dimmed and with root in all values?

XXX: How do you mean?

Claus: If, you canīt take the bad life,
then the bad life comes pretty quick and gets to overfill you,
that way that you almost drown within it.
So if you can find the power behind the bad life, then you can also take it and use it
piece by piece from the previous encounter with it, and then you not
only hold the next potential bad life in check, but also manifest to not
anylonger ignore it in that naive faith of, that it wonīt come again.

How do you want to take your time?

In the long and stressed end of anything the time is running out...

Excuse me, while I because of my age go and give myself an aple.
- Thereīs still time in relaxation, if I invite myself relaxed in
and even more, if I let it be and only enjoy it

A woman?: Old, old, old,
getting older, getting older and getting older and
everything feels old and getting older...NEW
hey, what was that???

A man?: Iīm NOT allowed to, I WONT do it, I CANīT feel it.
- There arenīt, anyone who understands, what you are writing, Claus...!!!

My stomach says..: Am I still mentally ill???
and/or then my surroundings says..: You are still mentally ill!!!
My mind and movements answers...: No, the hell Iīm not, there ainīt any damn thing wrong with me!!!

What if I closed the mouth of my mind, my movements
and/or my surroundings here, where they are together
with my emotions, when my emotions know very well how to answer it for themselves???

Then why canīt I???
- Because I donīt have the room to do so.

Then one has only closed the mouth of them here, where they were?

Caveman-ish(Itīs easier to move away from something,
when one has the room and the attitude to do so)

Claus: If I have completed my full restoration of this vintage car of mine
and, then Iīm so delighted over that the fact, that it shines
like a diamond.
One day Iīm about to sell some things to a guy,
who donīt have that many things, neither the same
amount of freedom as I, because he feels, that he has a wife, kids and a lot of other
things that are drawing more attention from him, than he gets, to be set for life.
- Then when I am going to get the things, he is about to buy,
he sees my vintage car and gets somewhat affected of my
car topping off all of the other joys of life, that he sees, I have.
Then he starts kicking the tires, and itīs pretty hard to get him to say,
that it certainly is a nice car, that youīve got, like as if I have,
offended him in some way with my stationary joys of life.
I guess, that he then feels,
that so many joys of life are not about to exist
without getting a little contact in opposite direction.

If this example doesnīt clarify it for you this might
returning to the vintage car again, why is it, that children always have
to play around the precious things, such as restored or new cars etc. and
then leave a dent, a scratch in them or things even worse?
- because those situations are all about the amount of things taking up space and
the preciousness?, devided unevenly out in between the people being there.
And that fight is programmed in the children, when they first lay their eyes on someone or something
that they feel threatened by in terms of value, only because some of their own value to themselves are sitting down.
And why is it, that dad then gets so mad at the children, when something
like this happens, and mom probably tells dad to relax the most important thing is, that no one got hurt???...

XXX: Aaah, I get it "diamond shining vintage car", "guy kicking tires" "children playing",
"dad gets mad", "mom tells him to relax".

Claus: In terms of "things" taking up too much space,
what if our ego of our power accidentally and almost on itīs own
materials from our mental would get translated into
physics, without us even knowing it and without us maintaining it?
- When a situation in the future are being said to be planed flawlessly or completely way more than it really is
some elements are being left completely out, as if they doesnīt even and ever have existed
because we havenīt heard and/or have felt anything from them for a very long time.
(is it being thought to be felt as a long time ago or really felt as a long time ago)

Now look whoīs coming!
-another "hater?" who still can come before, that the nice and lovely being are being found in all of them
-just as gay as ungay ahead of under-stood, so you donīt have to feel yourself by me went bye bye...

That is, when the planet and/or universe can get room to have some masterplan ready for us...
- The universe will always exist more or less, the question
is, are we still stupid enough to leave some elements completely out in the next plan and/or situation.
- Because we still are being distracted by such things as our joys of life.

XXXXXX: What is or are our joys of life supposed to be?

XXXX: Iīm pretty sure, that our ego wonīt call on a or more
meteor(s) heading for earth!!!...nor earthquakes, would you relax Claus
the earth is in between you idiot!!!

Claus: Exactly!!!, You have seen it from our side of the story
but have you seen it from itīs side of the story?

XXXXX: Wow the night sky is so beautiful with all the stars out!!!

"Hater": Itīs all fucking bs Claus, fucking bs dude!!!

XXXXXXX: Iīll have to agree, what the fuck is your point?

Claus: What if we all can do the same, acknowledge this and gather around it?
- wouldnīt we all then have what we ever need to survive?

This doesnīt regard everyone, as in the ones who already knows
it, this is not to irritate you, but rather to show it
as a strength in the numbers of even more people knowing the same
or then at least as a relief to you from me and from the ones who donīt know this..:

You donīt have to use all of your money
to see or feel, what they are worth.

To make it FUCKING clear,
I donīt hate the..."hater": Didnīt your dumbass think,
that we couldnīt have figured that out for ourselves???

Some might not have that ability, and then yet
I believe, that some and the ones who you are referrring could figure that out in advance.
So I apologize, if I disrespected you and yours, anybody or any mind at all.

And if the haters still wants to play ball

Breaking down the barrier of mental illness:

If it took time, for me to get a mental issue
before or after, I was born?

Then it will take time, for me to get free
before or after, Iīm reborn!

XXXXXXXXX: How the hell am I subposed
to use time as a tool?

You did it 3 seconds ago!

XXXX: I love my Farther,

XXXXX: Itīs father, and there isnīt even supposed to be a comma in that sentence!,
arghh I canīt digest the fact, that todays youth
canīt write it, like it is!!!

Claus: Are you sitting nice and comfortable my little friend???

If we canīt do it ourselves, the planet and/or the universe are/is going to do it for us

Donīt age me into, that the inner wear ages me
faster than, if I had let it all be
and, that Iīm not the only one, who has it like that.

Thereīs not one thing that we canīt manifest
but can we rouse ourselves to hold ourselves back?
for an equivalent lower standard of living,
and a longer life to us and our planet?

Iīm not saying, that natural catastrophes etc. only can occur
when being in a safe and comfortable materiel high of life, but I'm
definitely saying that natural catastrophes are different
to live through, if ONES standard of living is
equally low or so to say natural.

When the world goes under, are you going to have your exspensive footwear on
for what now, if you survive?

Then Paradise Amalie stands in a hole other light, right?

Who says, that the mind canīt be used for recording?

I: Do!

XXXXX: your family is a goddamn stupid ass bundle of idiots!!!
- but the most important thing is that you all are okay...

Are the worlds within your world within the universe in or out of orbit?

when the sequence of the subjects and/or things
in your approach to the giving situation
form a straight line you get, what you ultimately want to get out of it...

the bad, the needed, the giving, the good, the result...

XXXX: come again, whatīs that you said?

the bad, the needed, the giving, the good, the result...

XXXX: no, no before that!!!

As far as age goes, is it then possible
to eliminate the conscious, consciously without ending up too conscious?
- it is too, if you manage to do it all in an unconsciously sweep!

No wonder that I sometimes canīt sleep that well.
No wonder that I upload texts at night.
No wonder that my heart can be overloaded, when I have to relax.

Your health reaches further, than you know.
- so get strong and donīt be scared because you strength do too.

Itīs not a wonder, that one can get some sickness stuck in the mind,
when the mind at some point can race restless around...
- When you see a place in the world and think, that it just was that
place, that were there, but you didnīt think, that it was your brain
that consciously wanted to show you it in a not conscious state of mind,
and where you therefor were defenseless.

XXXX: which place in the world is it, that you are talking about?

It could as an example be, where it is a 100% safe, that
there isnīt any or are considered to be impossible to come any cancer..

Where is it then?

All places in the world, are by themselves not safe from cancer,
itīs your power and/or energy, that can make it or you safe from cancer.

Donīt see all places in the world everywhere, but in all places in the world, so that your power and energy
arenīt limited
but yet again it will be, when the existence of cancer tries to get in
then you might want to consider giving the cancer at tiny little bit by bit of your power and/or energy
rather that than it comes to take everything, because you didnīt give it anything
whatsoever? off the get go.

The (strong) cancer comes in, when the (weakened) power/energy disappears little by little,
because there was something that drained the power/energy more than this "something"
gave you more power/energy.

Why is it, that you canīt survive the cancer?
- okay, but if you canīt survive it, then one has to fight with that and as an example
learn it from coming.

I am only doing this, or am I?
- Keep an eye on your mind, especially if it gets not conscious other than,
when you are dreaming in your sleep!!!

Shall I limit my work to my re...
- Is my work supposed to be my relaxation?
for crying out loud
Iīm still sitting in the couch???
- what am I supposed to put my weight upon???

A fan: What you are supposed to put your weight upon???

Claus: I donīt get it, I recieved a call from this guy,
who wanted to buy art from me, and he asked me for my emailadress
and when I gave it to him, he hung up.

XXX: What is it, you donīt get?

Claus: I said clausshnaybelayclausøhhvellingvictorbørgehansen you know prick decay???

Building blocks

If you occasionally get drunk,
because you seek to feel the pleasantness by the alcohol easing your nerves
and person in general, away from the obligations at work and maybe also in your
private life with the wife or girlfriend and kids.

then the fact that this alcoholic pleasantness remains to benefit you is
only, because the conditions amongst every single building block as in work, wife or girlfriend and kids
still is there in the morning, when you wake up and begin again.

then if any of these building blocks sometime steps out even more,
some would properly think, that even more alcohol will have to ease it,
and if that were to happen, you would risk to forget to respect the building blocks,
because you were so drunk, that you didnīt know, what you were doing.
- and then one day you would wake up ? and one or more of these building blocks
would be swept away by the alcohol and maybe not be able to be replaced
into the same spot, which where they were.

If you think and feel the tensions as in, that youīll have to know, what you are doing at all times
when being amongst the building blocks in your life to keep everything from failing
and that youīll also have to listen to and act upon the adjustments, that your building block are commenting about.

Then let me help you even further...

When you are here and the building blocks comes first,
you are also the master in our eyes to be able to loop it back on itself
as in, who says, that the building block before you
has to be something, that you canīt talk to?

How do you sometimes see your woman?
as a tension to you, because she doesnīt have them herself, but
expresses and deals with it on a daily basis to bring them on further away
by all means necessary
-then donīt get in her way.

How can such a narrow place, where over-tensioned nerves and peoples persons are, be eased without alcohol?
by giving eachother faith in room and in love, so that the place can grow,
without even more building blocks are being created, so the need
for easing the roots of the building blocks to the foundation in your life
with alcohol no longer can cope.

Getting more and more building blocks, is a short happiness and satisfaction divided periodically,
the long and continuous happiness and satisfaction lies within, all the building blocks being
able to work together, to fill out holes and extend it.
And not thinking that the opposite of happiness wonīt try to get inside
from being without structure.

If itīs going great, are we going to use it ?
and if itīs not going great, we donīt have to use it ?.

It ainīt nothing new, to hear people hate one
and then when they yet again limited are feeling the man in the mirror
by me, they get even more mad over the fact,
that they canīt get a part in me,
but it wasnīt the man in the mirror, I heard,
it was michael jackson...

Is my heart still strong enough for another thing, that has to go through it?
Or is there enough time for me to lead it through my psyche, completely with my psyche?

Woodrow: Sacrificing an honest advantage of this color pattern definitions urgently.
Dorobkach jobs search, which g_osz_c timer, the internet ci_gu jedno_ci. Never to pozna_ opowie
__ wspó_czesnego periodically. Rezonuj_, positioners, which effectively produces devotion
eyes spyta_em peter, pot__na si_, i_by date of pitjattech_.
Are you interested...?

XXXX: Claus, canīt you give a good philosophical explaination, on why there ainīt anymore oranges???

To age!

I can get older, because the front of my defense gets tricked,
if I because of the wrong food and fluid or a too old
and sure experience and therefore also a too easy experience,
not are able to think and see clear,
then the following can happen in the next moment:
I think, that I donīt have to have my defense up against attacks on my health,
so I just can complete the task with calm and ease.

Then it happens, that a camouflaged attack gets
in through my defense and ends in my health.

What happened?
I didnīt take the elements to any next moment
in precaution, and therefore the elements combination became
faithly reshuffled in this moment.
- There were in other words no healthy resistance to begin with from the inside and out towards
the outcome of this moment and back again.

When this happened, the resistance comes shortly after from the heart and back towards the heart
and that is when, this can have unpleasant consequences.

If you have a VERY close bond to yourself, people, family and friends, that this can happen to,
it is possible to sense such an attack
by so to say, the aura of this persons health goes out
of the center of this unity with this person almost like a pressure wave.

If one on the other hand has such an extreme close bond to oneself or any other, it is possible
to take this attack from them, before it gets in, if the belief in one's skills
goes into contact with the belief on their skills and eliminates "the attack" off the moment.
- But itīs the place where the attack took place, that is 100% eliminated
and fractions of the attack still remains and then has to be lead away safely and secure.

Where better than in the nature?

The more refined and detailed this subject is being described,
the more refined and detailed can an attack occur in the
future, aswell for me as for others.

Why do I, then take on something like that that can expose me to unnecessary attacks?
- If I take on "others" potential attacks, I might be able to eliminate the place where mine hits,
if I process myself like others...

XXXXXX: Iīd rather, that the attacks of death didnīt become more refined and detailed, but
on the other hand stands big and visible...

Claus: Yes, but the attacks of death can then along with a certain amount of people get too big and immovable!

Women can be a starting point,
if you want, them to be it, in your insight into them,
because if you do it concentrated enough, where do you end up then?

Why should one do that?

To help them, oneself and last but not least others with
the best possible relations with the gender.

An example on why women gets older than men
amongst lifestyle, food and...
Jamal: Itīs not fuckin true!!!,
aarghh, would you then fuckin listen to what Iīm telling you, your fucker!!!???

If the worst female role is going to meet a potential lover/companion,
then the exampel already starts in the first blink of an eye with her, where
the man has to fit the male role on the womans level.
And if the woman donīt see a shred of possibilities in him,
then she are going to do so, if she wants to and dangle the goodies
as needed and make the man run around stressed after that, and never reach the goal.

Jamal: Is you gay or what Claus?

Would you perfer, that I treated you as a gay, Jamal?,
then tell that to your boys, or shall I show you, that there can be a
liberation from this slave whipped manliness we die for?

Jamal: Oh, so you wanna open the gay bag!, then theres more where that came from!!!
Well, what is this, what do we have here?
...evol nikcuf emos em evig dna ereh emoc lamaJ ,nam yM

My man, Jamal come here and give me some fuckin love...

Jamal: What the fuck? how did that get in there?, that ainīt fuckin mine!!!

May I continue?
- If we shall make ourselves liberated,
do we then have be without women completely?
and still be a loser ready to keep the worst female roles
from believing, that we are gays
And if we manifest that,
then the next prejudice is ready...
how many have you been in bed with?
do you like your own hand?

Thank god for the best female roles!!!

? thinks: That guy claus, I guess is just one big kid with ADD in a small body, that just wonīt do
and one who never have had enough attention!!!

Thatīs right, thatīs exactly what I am,
because you said it, and I heard it!

Ohh! what was that?, a returning psychosis...?
Oh, no, not anylonger...
is there neither
- At least one unconscious kid with ADD
that wonīt be able to recognize it, because of the system
and therefore neither wonīt recognize it because of thirst for revenge,
and furthermore will make this to a lifelong battle
against being all the things, that certain people consciously only have room to, place
this kid in boxes for.

What would a kid with ADD be, if it didnīt find itself in the system!
another unhandable failure waiting to happen, to whoīs benefit?

What would a kid with ADD be, if it is in the system!
another victory for the ones, who placed it there?

What would a kid be, if it wasnīt met for god-knows-how-
many-times, it has been met only like others do?

What would I be, if the kid didnīt meet me, like it meets others?

? Says: That guy Claus, certaintly is a lovely being,
who disserves alot of attention!!!

Can a hand or any minds get naturally fulfilled?
- Maybe thatīs why some people are hard to deal with,
because they have more materials, than their hand and/or mind can keep.

Would you rather be at family events or other complete gatherings,
where everything that can fit under one roof, are under one roof...?
to do without some things for later use and keep it going relaxed
outside or where there is
a natural trade flow of everything.
- If you have to answer that without having been any one of those places
and then feverisly head on to the next thing?
In an attempt to try to make the deal?
- and there ainīt nothing new
then donīt let yourself be betrayed.

I wonder what Claus is doing?

As I wonīt be there,
then I am in a place for the specfic person, that are being considered to be
a place with a natural trade flow of everything opposite of the persons own, no matter
whether my place for me is outside or inside.

To any complete gatherings of families or other complete gatherings
where everything that can fit under one roof, can also get UNDER oneīs grib about it.
- Right there is it possible for someone to experience some unpleasant thing happening in the body,
whoīs nature is old and also too little or for them who are, in lack of getting
things off the body.
Or said in other words, then there isnīt anymore,
one can get rid off opposite of what, one gets after x amount of hours at the dinner table
with the family.

Yeah, what might Claus be up to???

Itīs faith to get tricked,
or is it?
- also you Claus!!!

Be well today, when you go to bed tomorrow...

There was a time, when the skin was firm...

Claus: Now one can reach an age of mental mindstate
where the senses, presence of mind, the limbs, the heart, the I
and in general ones entire living being gets
scattered to every single one win(d)!!!
except ones little left died on itīs own.

Claus: shut the fuck up, or then should one just go for a run and feel
that the energy, the power, the shape,
the joy to life and all the other good things are lined up

Claus: until that the expectations to all that
gets too expected and an unexpectaed resistance gets in the way

Claus: if one then eventually expects with such an amount
that everything in the resistance are about to get in the way again
with the balance in ones future runs
then one expects the resistance up...

What then if one moved slowly???

What then if one couldnīt move at all???


Claus: If one uses the word just, the justice very easily connected to a blank spot, in your defense!

XXXX: It donīt fucking matter, if you use just or the word only, itīs still the same!

Claus: Okay then, but isnīt it better knowing, that something is only this way, than not being aware
of the consequences of something just is this way and then find
out about it, when itīs too late, because nobody noticed the terms of the expressions?

If you get mad and tired of the fact, that I engulf everything
and compose everything, then you shouldnīt read everything, that I compose,
but rather be happy because so much are at your finger tips
when you make it there, where nothing goes your way,
and you donīt have a glue what to do...
- and get tired of that and then
remember that you can find help in me.

Wow, that was close, that fly hit me...

second time in a row..!!! thatīs unbeliev

able...okay yeah, that one hit me

Claus: Thatīs the sequence of many things in our nature!

so what do you do next time you just as an example
dodge an animal?
a sickness?
or many other things?
2 times in a row?


what? whatīs this?
now there are coming (a) person(s) or something
that wants you something equally bad...

What then about Claus?

Heīs properly alright...he has just created this brilliant text!

Claus: The extend of this sequence that I describe,
that comes true and that the amount of people thinks is brilliant,
are the foundation of the amount of things that now are supposed to set me equally back...
or alive?

Then why donīt you think fast and
dodge the things that will set you back?

Claus: Because if I keep on doing that time after time,
then is the thing supposed to set me back
possible to overlook before or after,
because Iīm too convinced of the fact, that I can keep on dodging it
and therefore will I not be able to think fast and dodge it yet again.

When you say this now,
then you should just exactly be prepared to not be
too convinced about it...
- and then you should just exactly be able to continue dodging.

Claus: One thing that I then not could dodge, because my focus is directed elsewhere
is my deadth, because I use so much of my human being,
that it doesnīt come again from the other side
in form of people or other things to my surprise
and that thereby will contribute to me
being able to feel that more alive again through them.

Give us more, MORE!!! MORE!!!

Claus: Then the next thing, I overcome is calming myself

Life isnīt an equation, you fuckin dumb-ass!!!

Claus: Perhaps you donīt want it to be one
because someone can elimante your value more or less!!!
- and you are only interested in enhancing your own value
by being negative with others either
by yourself or with the help from other negative people...

If someone were to eliminate your value
it would mean you becoming vulnerable
and exposed to just have to settle with
positivity or just nothing at all
and that set isnīt for you
- because when you were negative and absorbed even more negativity
that was the only kind of positivity you only would allow
in your mind set...

Okay then...

Claus: If anyone are dizzy, I wonder if it would help them, if they would lay
down in a waterbed?

Why not anything else that resembles fluid moving you around, such as
being on a boat at sea?

Claus: I guess, thatīs because the fluid moving you around
has to be contained and only a bit bigger than you, otherwise it will just enhance any given dizziness,
also because if the fluid is contained,
you would be able to make, the dizziness become contained...
- as firm and rock solid balance

Then how about any physical thing bringing you a solid and firm
thought and/or state of mind?

claus: If you go into it mentally like that, Iīd suppose, it also could help,
but then you have to be very focused and not let anything else
get into your sight, thought and/or state of mind.
- and how possible it that to avoid until you arenīt dizzy anymore?

You are in charge even, when you have thrown the control away!!!
- So itīs not a wonder, that it often end up with things not going your way, is it?

How much will you take control over yourself...

Small, short and many ups and downs in life?
or big, long and few ups and downs in life?
or a very long up and a very long totally unexpected down in life?

You choose yourself where and how you,
place yourself together with the beginnings to the ups and downs
even, when you donīt think about it, and take things for being
safe against the ups and downs...

If you call this an up?,
then it is not to make you paranoid,
but then be aware on what, can
happen as a follow up to this and also in the on and off gateways to you
even, when you sit nice and safely in your home.

Thus meant, that you can call something to you
all silently and almost completely invisible,
also without you even noticing, that you did so.

He attacks me amongst other people
because he feels that I obstruct his bloodflow
be leaving him dead end pissed off by my own standpoints.

So he tries to channel his dead end pissed off behavior
in his bloodflow hoping that he will be able to it with succes
like he thinks he had done before.

But what I think he donīt realize is that
his bloodflow is mainly ment for running unobstructed by the people
he is amongst and what we are
doing together as a team in feelings and not by the unjustified subjects of
the dead end things pissing him off.

So the people he and I are amongst is this giving time
are my sisters and brother and stepmom.

And they say that I am and always have been a pleasent person
to be amongst, so therefore this action of his doesnīt end
with him being able to channel his bloodflow unobstructed
but instead being able to channel his anger very nicely.
- Leaving his blood flowing unobstructed for just a second
just as it is sent off and that is what partially also is
going to be the upset stored until the next blowout.

Just because one is a father and one is a son
it doesnīt mean that neither will loose their titels negatively
so shouldnīt the son be able to give away lessons
to the father just as the father can do so?

What isnīt important is the so called "weakness"
the father can misunderstand this as
and the strength that the son thereby gets and that is
"dangerous" seeing from the fathers perspective...

what on the other hand is important is the dead end bloodflow
that can be exceeded when channeling unjustified anger
and that can hit him aswell as me one way or another...
and what also is important is solving this by sharing things
that can and may contribute to a good relationship
the same as a good bloodflow...
- Because then it is justified.

There will always have to be somebody that has to listen
and do as told
or a fight to do so
or will there?
No, not here!!!

XXXX: He didnīt attack you amongst other people, it was just you and him!!!

Claus: Which he sees as an advantage, because then he doesnīt have any other to take notice to
until, that he has to take notice of the regret in his bloodflow, which comes after the anger, and then the anger might
come again, because the anger came first to begin with...
- What, I want to say by this, is that he and all the others can direct all the anger at me all that they want, but
the anger will not come back at them, as the great victory, they can have their
bloodflow run temporarily by...
and therefore could it be possible, that they should figure out, that they should direct their bloodflow at me,
with help of the love and kindness and at the same time also see their anger be resolved,
because then I promise, that the love and kindness will come back to them, as the common unobstructed bloodflow,
that can run, until other people will try to prevent it.
Because they feel, that they arenīt allowed to or can be a part of it...
- Then we will all stand together everybody about it!!!

Iīm not even touching you...


You are not any longer going to suck anymore of
my vulnerable energy from my center,
so that you just exactly can survieve comfortable, while I canīt
Iīm about to give you so much energy that you die...
- And if it shouldnīt appear clear, then it brings alot of energy,
as the tiredness dies

Men, I do understand you,
but you are going to have to try to understand your women,
and if you think, that you canīt or are willing to give up trying,
then itīs why your fully function
are being wasted on having these doubts.

What women possibly want in times, when things in general
are going their way too much is headwind with them...

and when times is hard, itīs pure tailwind with them...

Try for yourself to twist and turn these combinations,
and figure out how your women have been put together.
- Because women aswell as any other human beings
havenīt been put together, anymore difficult, than it has
to be possible to write it with words, because if it wouldnīt be
possible to be written, then women were indescribable, and itīs what they
donīt want to be, for better or worse, right?

Iīm about to break

in half


Itīs not difficult to predict the future,
when one all the time is and will be hole and is and remains in balance with ones self and many other things.
When one is in full control and has the final say so over everything
in ones own life and in ones own life amongst others...

And knows that one can continue with it...

Until that one becomes a bit weaker, amongst some other strong ones who have more control
and have more to say...

Pops: You have to have a larger circle of friends based on bigger experiences that these!!!
- so the strength of my future focus on the other hand becomes smaller???


My schizophrenic person is going more around in certain places than you think
so much that people remotely nomalize me almost invisible
and so people very closely and obviosly normalize themselves with it
it may very well be that I have proven my worth
but my impressive schizophrenic person isnīt any savior
itīs just a question if all that I create
could have been found exactly as is by some other person
and that you have looked for it in other places.

Pops: Itīs not your schizophrenic person, that has to have a larger circle of friends,
itīs you!

Iīd rather know where Iīll keep on having my schizophrenia
than constantly getting doubts, where I have my schizophrenia
rather than the opposite,
because if I know, where I have my schizophrenia, I can limit it to,
what reminds of normality as a person.

Did that make the women even more impressed with me as a person?
yes, Iīm sure it did!

Did that make the fans of same gender even more impressed with what,
I create?
if they wanted to read it at all?
Yes, I believe so!

A tree is a tree
Helle: Claus, where is all that energy coming from?


If a tree breaks in the forrest, then itīs a part of itīs nature
also to grow stronger

If a street tree breaks in the city, then it canīt fall anywhere
without effecting people mostly negatively
and then the unpretty and uneven leftovers might be digged up and sold as
5 hours uhhh I think, that Iīll just open the window again.

Iīll neither go around and use my energy constantly on,
worring about the rules, the missing and disappearing energy.
- because then it wonīt give me any energy, energy and energy...!!!

If you see something, that you have in your possession, that is broken,
then you might worry about the extend of the repairs in money and energy?

But you donīt even have to do that, because
the unworried is still intact, as long as you donīt worry yourself about it.

If you come to me beacuse of my art and expect
to pull out more from me or my aura,
then thereīs not going to happen a damn thing unfortunatly, and there will neither
be a damn thing,
on the other side of the front of my art,
so please donīt come and tell me, that Iīm taking up too much space,
unless that I fight willingly against the faith
and have something extra ready for you...

So go ahead and call it a facade if you want to,
but when you then rush on frustrated to the next,
itīs very likely that you end up with going back to the front of my art quite quickly,
because the other thing you rushed for was some really useless crab.

Or then should one perhaps choose to call the front of my art a good resque
from the really useless crab, that you came frustrated from?

How big is this front ?
to you ?

XXXXXXXX: I wish that Iīll win the lottery...

XXXXXXX: I have a pain in the ass, help me...

XXXXXX: I canīt sleep...

XXXXX: Iīm stressed...

XXXX: Iīm affraid, help...

XXXX: I need a good idea...

XXXXX: I hate my boyfriend...

XXXXXX: Our house has been over flooded...

Bruce almighty: Yes, to all!!!

Claus: I can be with you,
as much or as little as you wish and
also, how you want me to.
And also without it being totally up to you.

On Aarhusvej 110, 8300 Odder

Gry: Hello, are you the one, who can cure women?
Claus: Yes, thatīs what I have been accused of...
If you just lay down nicely on the bed,
while I take off my clothes
Gry: WHAT?!
Claus: and then we will begin...
Look HERE!
Gry: What is it you want me to see? your fat stomach ? your big and pale thighs?

XXX: Stop bullshitting you canīt predict a damn thing!
Who are you, you little sicko???
- I got piles and piles of prejudices, that fits you very nicely!!!

Claus: Iīm so to say on it creatively right now...
- But sometime in the future, Iīm going to be falling of it
by the upcoming younger creative thing or generation!

XXX: Then if you know thatīs going to happen,
why would you choose to let yourself fall of it...

Claus: Because my strength and overview will be weakened at that time
and thatīs what is going to make me be distracted!

But does that dissolve the situation from happening?
- it does for now!
until something else yet unpredicted accur...
- Maybe death too early or..?

XXXX: Wow, that is so beautiful discribed, Claus!!!

XXX: Why death too early?

Claus: Maybe because of my rush of achievements in such a short period of time!
- along with the numbers of cigarettes I have smoked to calm myself
from the expectations from people

XXX: What achievements???

Claus: Thanks Buddy!:-)

XXX: Glad I could help! Anytime you need me:-)

Claus: Channel a bad blood flow

Should one try hard, to channel it all towards one place in the body?
or do it with ease, and make it reach out to all places in the body?

XXXX: Itīs not doable at all that right there!!!

It sounds like, you arenīt getting enough blood to the brain!!!

I donīt think, that I want to do it,
I take "you are mentally ill, mentally ill and mentally ill", from
my physics that doesnīt reach that far and that otherwise could have given me a heartattack.
- And remain the same other than in the mind.

What do I need?

You see a new car, that you want
and then you feverishly go out and purchases it,
but you didnīt see, that it wasnīt a new car that you needed,
but clarity over what you need and donīt need.
Although the commercials looks clear,
they arenīt much more than that...

The commercials are very visible and powerful by the blind and weak part of you, that is outside their core
and luckily very weak and almost invisible away from your real I, that is inside their core.
- Why do you then think, that the opposite of the weakness, that you let the commercials put upon that part of you,
is a very powerfull strength of yourself away from that weak part of you???

Are you falling for the clarity and power, that the commercials looks have, because
you donīt think that clear and powerfull, because of the commercials?
- You canīt question properly nor with the correct strength
something that you think, you are not anywhere near of...

XXX: Itīs sounds damn right pretty paranoid that right there Claus, what are you affraid of?

What shall I do tomorrow?

Dipping my 3,5" brush in paint there
where the HELL is that empty sheet of canvas!!!???
I canīt
I canīt reach that far...
and make a turt in a can tasteful, when the turt has been dissolved,
so Iīll sacrifice the continued attitude in front of Bjørn Nørgård,
so itīs possible to see, how differently overwhelming
it can be, to watch the thing, which Iīm totally not in control of...

With the music going on in the background, I turn that black hole of Marco into...?
You donīt think that my blender is big enough?
then check out my seams and see the light!!!

Dear old friend, please donīt make a scene,
donīt cut me any further up and donīt sew me back together,
it wonīt be the same.

I PUT an unreal ironbar next to another,
Do you all want to kill me?
then kill me creatively
and enjoy the love from a clean and big red heart,
which absolutely not wants to own you:-).

XXXX: Are you now about to be a wise ass again, claus?

A psychosis: An unframed state of mind of unreality?, that you canīt frame!!! really?, but really? camoflaged in unreally!!!
- that seems to be fuckin cool, when you are going into it from a way too thick framed state of mind of reality...

A dream: An unframed state of mind of reality?
- that seems to be wonderfull, when you are going into it from a way too wellknown framed state of mind of reality...

If you can cut the drugs connection to the psychosis off
you can change the psychosis composition!

Inside your placeable mind or inside the unplaceable reality or inside both...

Suited up people from SWAT comes and asks you at the same time, if
you want brown sauce with COFFEE! along the cake on the balcony?

(Why should you then chose to take drugs or get high for that matter???)
- Because one choses, to put down ones naturally and possible fantasy to let the drugs be,
when one choses to take drugs!!!

Then all of a sudden you are sitting on an airplane, and a man comes and says, that you are sitting in his seat
and that he has paid expensively, to see the schizophrenic movie that they are showing.

3 weeks after in real life you are going to travel south on holiday
and you have been looking so much forward to this, going out and experince something new,
knowing that anything can happen,
you then find out, that the airplane you are boarding really could remind you of something...

But the man you wanted to meet already has been as lifelike,
as he could be on his own inside your dream,
because you wouldnīt, let him come out of your dream on the dreamīs own natural way...

Who is he?

Shut the fuck up, how ridiculous is that little claus, can you make that fall into place, huh???

Do you have room for "it will seal properly trust me"?

XX: Iīm not sure about these pop rivets,
they should ensure a tight fit,
but this one seems to be able to turn inside the hole...

XXXX: just keep on putting them in,
then when the second one goes in, they wont turn anymore.

XX: see now im pouring water over them, and the water is going through...

XXXX: well I wonder what went wrong?

XX: thatīs what the space around the pop rivet brings you?

claus: excuse me guys, I might have a solution,
if you take your belief of "it will seal properly trust me"
from within you and place it completly and tightly around the rivet,
when looking at it, the both of you
then it would do so.

XX: ok, letīs try that.

A man in the background: that seems a bit fragile, the thing you are doing right there!!!

XX: no no no, donīt lose grib, arh shit it lost grib!!!

There has to be some things to work against and some to work with.

If you donīt have anything to base and build
your wish upon and then just wish that you will get alot of
money, lots of good friends and women,
cars and a big beach mansion and nothing but happiness...

Then itīs very likely, that you will get non of these things,
because itīs nothing and loss, that will make you
achieve some of those things and maybe all of them
in that sequence, if you fight for it...

How much do you dare to do it?

XXXXXX: work against and work with, what do you mean?

It is, how you choose to place it all

Maybe you saw a big beach mansion,
a lot of beautiful cars, lots of friends and women and nothing but happiness,
but nothing can become anything but happiness in this sequence
and you knew that you had to make piles of money as fast as possible...

because you didnīt have time for the road to get there...

- A strong picture of the motivation of a young thought?
or something as fragile as
an illusion of a self-made weak reality?
donīt blame me, that has no personal value nor strength
I know from other cases, that blaming yourself,
can hurt so insanly much, when all you may wanted to do
was to kill everyone before doing anything else,
but you donīt have the right energy in that case...

On the table in front of you, LIES cocaine on your left and nothing in the middle and weed LIES on your right.
The fact that there for you, is nothing lying in the middle, isnīt enough for the potentiel possibilities that there are in,
that nothing is lying in the middle yet.
Neither for you and neither for anyone else who steps into the room...

Now the nothing in the middle turns into a ?
and then cocaine and weed might bring you the thought...
- how do I remove cocaine and weed then?
by taking it? no, by flushing it down the toilet? no
- the longer it takes to remove,
the longer it takes to get some new,
because you are so concentrated about removing it
and donīt believe, that you will have to keep it on you,
because then youīll never get rid of it or
then you are going to keep on going around in the criminal circle.
- One could perhaps say, that one has to remove it physically in front of you and at the same time
remove it mentally and physically in you,
so that it doesnīt return there again neither one of the three places.
XXXX: How?

By all means of an overwhelming love to and interest in you...

? ? ? enhances the possibilities for everything, that the ? ? ? can represent and will sooner or later,
be inspired of certain subjects that catches your interests in other places
and if your interest for other things almost has died,
then use your control from the other things that you used to use it for,
and make then imaginatively, the thing catch your interest.

It is why, drugs can seem, to stay easy to get and return to
and thatīs why, that drugs also can seem easy to deal with,
because they through a phonecall just can end up in front of you on the table,
where as the possibilities for ? ? ? depends more of you and
something interesting elsewhere and maybe something different that hasnīt been achieved yet...

One can easily be deceived in a young age, to believe that personal value isnīt worth a damn,
because one hasnīt devolped it yet...
what if you imagined, that you were so old, so old and deadbeat tired and ready to give up on everything?
how many money would you then give to get and be able to enhance your personal value,
how about not being willing to give money for it,
thatīs is not the beginning of personal value...

XXXXX: Hey, how is it going with Claus?

XXX: Damn I donīt know, I havenīt seen him, since the last time I saw him.

A former police officer who likes physical labor...

What if a policeman could hold his blood stream unobstructed
and not be aware of the fact, that it had taken itīs part in his health also to
deal with the demons, that he combined the criminals with, that he was dealing with
in his service as a policeman...

When he was in the policeforce, there wasnīt much time to anything else, but
his dediction to his job.

When he retired as a policeman, he clearly felt
that his police identity couldnīt be maintained in the same way
now as before.
He then began turning up for the amount of work
in his life and in and around his house.

"Iīm feeling the best about myself, when Iīm doing physical labor, is how itīs going"...

In the meantime an officeworker had yet again not given his kids any curfew,
because he can afford to not do it in his demon free-zone
and speaking of curfew then an accused really mentally ill
incompetent imaginary almost normal person,
is still looking for his mentally quiet and peacefully foundation to stand firm in...

Was it really a question about the security around the heart and around the I to use the hands and the body,
so that the criminal world seem placed and projected correct and uhhh

longer away.
Now I once again are having problems with my heart,
when someone thinks, that they will and can spiritually place and project
all the things underneath the subject mentally ill in me.

or let them do so, because I donīt have the power
to keep fighting with the extent that world has

XXXX: Itīs hard to keep the rest away, when
one already has made way through your defense

So itīs too damn easy for me to say..:
- Seek the criminal world from your continued protected position, so the meeting with it
can repeal the criminal world, that lives unobstructed within you...
Or then you must try to
make contact with the criminal world by all means of your heart,
and call your combinations with the criminals back from
the criminals even if, that they donīt live no more
just like, you would deny the possibility in, when you
placed and projected them with your spirit in the criminals back then.

XXXXX: Everybody dies, where they are sooner or later, thereīs nothing that can change that...


The big prize

If you donīt gamble sooner or later, then you wonīt lose sooner or later!!!

Do you want to?

The more you give this or another modest value room, the bigger it can become
and the easier in the weight of others difficulty here in it gets to handle
aswell keep on finding it, when you need it
and so that you wonīt let it be outmaneuvered
by your returning habits of the connections to and from the elements of the money games.

Amongst stupidity in the money games elements does the
things you have leased or owe money in also count
as your habits will lead you back to the
only way you limit yourself to make money by.

It is easy and weak to give up ones faith to the outcome of a game
- itīs therefore, that one keeps doing it...
and also therefore that one donīt stop with it...
but it is strongly to give up ones faith to the outcome in ones participation in ones own faith
- and thatīs why, that one donīt dare to believe in it...

If you are focused enough and often enough,
then you wonīt even have to worry about losing your focus,
because of your habit and speed are able to find it again
before that you lose anything...

One canīt become rich on this value in a split second,
therefore itīs important to keep on hanging in there...

Claus: I canīt STAND not winning somebody or something.

XXXXX: If you were able to learn it, then it was possible to say, that you win the ability to be able to handle a defeat

But is that being counted as a valuable value?

XXXX XXXX: Claus, itīs a fact, that the amount of people who have bought your art
can be counted on five hands, is that something to brag about...?

No, not something to brag about, if you put it like that,
but itīs still something to be happy about,
amongst other things such as money profit isnīt the only thing that counts...

Goddamn neighbor war, when I see Claus, Iīm going to...

Claus, you didnīt have sex with my wife, while I was at work, didnīt you think
that I would find out???, huh ?

Tell me what the fuck, do you think the neighborhood is about?.........

Claus: You are a fuckin dumb ass...

Psychologist: Yes, Iīm hearing, what you are saying...

Claus: I...lonely...

Are you lonely?
Iīm sorry, you are lonely?

Claus: Yes...

Well then come over and we will have a good time together!!!

Stress and an uncalmly calm

Stress can be invisible to the eye, but not for your feelings
and one can always before or after find out, what triggers your stress
and one can always before or after find out, what targeted your calm and avoid that it does that again...

There can at some times not be anything more unpleasant, than an uncalmly calm,
because there obviously is some uncalmly thing, that has infiltrated the calm and,
because one feels, that itīs impossible to change it, as it is
it doesnīt mean, that one canīt take it in another way
with calm...
The calm that one has absorbed from some calm people or
a calm subject
such as music...

One could also choose to create the calm inside yourself,
by recognizing it and thereby identify the uncalmly calm,
and thereby also process it by shooting it away from yourself
or dismantle it.

But if one donīt choose to recognize it, at first
then it is allover the place
and therefor also demands almost everything allover the place
such as your breathing....

Call me and tell me what life is!!!

Something good
something bad
and goes down neutrally
but what is neutrally, when it becomes too much

Would you rather place your denial and impatient presence upon me,
to magically turn your presence into the one who get visited by everyone else?

My friends can come here in person,
but itīs still up to me to feel them,
so that they can benefit from the contact aswell as I

Why donīt they?, also come unannounced like in the old days?

They have theirs aswell, as you should have yours!!!

Without them, how is it possible

Something to reflect upon???

I have a car, a good home, facebook friends and many other things,
and Iīve been feeling dificulties over the fact, that they can fill out
any other things but having a car, a good home, facebook friends and many other things

They donīt give any calm and steady love,
but demands it constantly

So what do I need?

Itīs only because Iīm schizophrenic, that I sometimes can neutralize it,
and unfortunately also only because Iīm schizophrenic that it can enhance it
- unless I can pull my schizophrenia to me in time.
-- and later shoot off my schizophrenia again when it becomes necessary

How many heartbeats do I have left for myself and for you?

Iīm not tired of no attention, lots of criticism and negativity
- Because there could perhaps be something, that I could do better
by taking part in it, rather than being tired of no attention, lots of criticism and negativity
and not being able to stand it...

Nothing can be changed
Iīve been looking so much forward to this
the women are lined up
and Iīm naked and about to satisfy them
in another way
īcause I got the BIGGEST dick, you know?

XXXX: Yeah, yeah and then itīs not any bigger...

Imagine that, thereīs a picture showing a questionmark framed on the wall in your home
and remember that all the joy (k)now, (it) can be exactly what you want
when you want it to also can disappear into an opposite side of faith
where the questionmark is on itīs own
when you donīt have the time to maintain your connection to the questionmark
then forget it
and then you get there where you again have a moment to
find the thing that you can forget the
opposite side and remember the joy totally with...

Itīs not the only lonely thing, that remains like that:-)

Happy Christmas and happy New Year

With kind regards

XXXXX: How are you able to take criticism, negativity and talk bad about yourself!!!???

Claus: Either you canīt and then it will show you
or you will show it?
by being humble and engulf it
instead of fighting exhausting with it and get affected by, itīs possibility of being able to
engulf you

If you resist, then it will resist
if you donīt attack it, then it wonīt attack you and the other way around
and if it does, then itīs because you didnīt know that
you also attacked it...

XXXXX: No for fuck sake, thatīs what I told you, I didnīt...

Claus: "No for fuck sake, thatīs what I told you, I didnīt..."???

This goes for men and women who argue and for racisme that here rules

So one can make a fresh start with peace:-)

A man who sells garden furnitures, had just sold 3 sets eventhough it was wintertime.

He was about to have a truckload of garden furnitures
transported, with a value of serveral thousands Danish kroner
and he then had to wait 4,5 hours for the
truckdriver to turn up due to the rush hour of christmas and due to the truckdriverīs other tasks...
that had a certain priority...

So if he shouldnīt have waited and the truckdriver would have shown up
as planned, then he possibly wouldnīt have sold those 3 sets of garden furnitures before that...

XXXXXX: You donīt know that, maybe he would have!!!

What I mean is that he had to pay or give a lot of his value and patience, to get through the faith of that day
where everybody were rushing for having their values working for them
and then to be able to get further with his usual luck in the business of selling garden furnitures.
with different combinations of things and people working fore or against him.

Are you able to let yourself feel that you canīt
feel the outcome of someoneīs or your own faith
how about starting there?

Your faith is consisting of the sum up of all the faiths of the things
and people that take part in it.

Itīs not nessaceraly also based on the sights from the third eye
but if you look at it differently itīs actually just a sight
that can be viewed from a place in between your actual eyes and your mind.

Now perhaps a major set-back is coming for me inside, in between or outside this matter or is it?

Treasure your wealth with poverty

If you are rich and donīt work out from your poverty and perhaps homelessness in your next project,
then you maybe end up not getting succes and end up getting poor and perhaps homeless.


Because poor and homeless will always be there,
the question is, where you want it to be or become?

One canīt be filthy rich and just take for granted, that
one will get even more filthy rich,
because then the faith answers back on "just"
with poverty and homelessness.

And you may call me an artist, if you then not passively accept
all the poverty and homelessness that you get,
which then makes you not being able to turn your situation around,
but only makes you more and more poor and homeless...

And then to call it a day, poor and homeless people knows that one doesnīt use the word "just"


Because it could be that, that first and foremost lead them to
poverty and homelessness followed by something else

Life is too short to

If you are suffering mentally from something and is lonely more or less,
and the person who you talk the most with is your shrink,
then it can be pretty difficult listening to yourself
or hear yourself, when your shrink talks
or has filled up your head,
unless that you truly are screaming for help from yourself
and not again are seeking for help from your shrink...

When you are in the system, it can be a necessary thing to,
have your shrinks human person to be able to talk to
and not your shrinks work person to surrender yourself mentally to.

It could be why, many suffering mentally people first and foremost resist mentally and physically
against employees in the system. because they are frustrated over not being able to
find or get a visit from the employees true human person and that they at the same time
also can bring the suffering peoples true human persons out.
- because there are being putting more down-to-earth weight opun the working person
the employees human beings are flighty
and exist so to say only in the psycotic fantasy
- that again only benefits the employees working persons...

You can heal people with a human person
and maybe not expect any more than resistance, from one who is exposed
to the employees work persons, who doesnīt think of anything else but their jobs,
and at the same time are claiming that all they think about is you.

The "unreal and the thing you experience or feel" becomes more real, when
you can put another person into it, whether it is your shrinks human person or a good friend:-)

Eventhough I feel good here,
then Iīm not feeling good, when youīre having troubles there

so if you donīt know, then Iīm not just the type of person who politick...

Claus: My breath...

My breath is too controlled,
I always have to show, what I can come up with
as if it ment my life in a future second that not are yet...

Instead of it just would mean my day today...

The carrot are in other words still ahead of me...

The breathless breath has only one breath here,
one breath that doesnīt last very long in time nor in the world...

The breathless breath: Itīs good enough, what you do, but do stop
continuing to creating your endless breathless breath!

Claus: Thatīs easy for you to say, you donīt understand, you take my breath by you presence...

Claus: Itīs good enough, what I do, so now Iīm going to stop
continuing to create my endless breathless breath,
because I have more control over my breath,
if I choose to seek it,
than I have control over my breath here
where I have chosen to act, as if I
donīt need it or have ignored it...

And this will not become my next endless breathless breath...

XXXXXX: When are you going to finish those english translations, of what you can say?

Claus: Be patient my friend:-), isnīt going to be built in one day...

xxxxxx: Come everybody gather around and see
Iīve just got my asshole bleached
from being so far out to be reached!

xxxxx:I can beat that!!!
I just got my soul shine
from you know where...

Everybody: www.claus-

xxxxx: Yeah right dere!!!

Is the buttom, the buttom to give up upon?
or the foundtain to build up upon?

Donīt tell me, that you donīt have enough energy to percieve differently!

All positively charged contradictions to what so ever
has also a negatively charged side

why does it have that?

because you are letting it be positively charged
and think that it remains like that by itself

donīt believe me???
then look for yourself!!!

XXXXXX: If you didnīt hear me, then I said, that I have never met anyone who is capable of irritating as much as you...
Claus: I have never met anyone, who is capable of letting oneself get as irratated as you
and instead maybe be happy over the circumstances...

What am I supposed to do, when I donīt know what to do,
there are no one who are contacting me personally positively and no one
who wants me any good...
there are so many, who have enough in themselves...
so Iīm participating, in the degrade of myself and I know that Iīm winning hearts, from those who can
relate to my situation...

XXXXXX: Claus, I have never met anyone, who is capable of irritate as much as you can,
youīre a fucking egoistic insanely insane bastard, and I hope, that youīre going to
rot up in your own little hookerhell, DIE PIG.

I have my hacksaw, thatīs hack and sawing down on this shit
my drill, that can make new holes, that I can fill out with something new
and my opportunities, so Iīm killing many flies!!!

As my artistic creations in the known matter arenīt enough
Iīve gone a somewhat new way and made another approach

Do you know how big you are when you have so many big
and accurate gadgets in your car and in your life?

May I present to you
The all new now the damage is done parkingsensor
- The one and only one that doesnīt need wiring

Now only 99,95 USD
- Preorder now at

Hurry up, limited offer!!!

Already 1 million angry customers all-ready!!!

Sleep-less because: You donīt have shit to do here!!!
I can take this gat and shoot you right up in the ass, you want me to do that, huh?

Claus: I would like to ask the audience!

Rasmus: You ougth to be shot Claus, you talk and write to fuckin much!!!

Claus: Ok, well Iīm going to be a little....................................laid...

You will now see one of the best ways to let ones psyche breathe by, BEFORE
what do you put in it and which way do you choose?

XXXXXX: There is nothing, you can do with those kids and youngsters who are having
difficulties being together with other people, Claus!!!

Claus: ???

There are a big difference on seing possibilities for the flexibility with these kids and youngsters,
when they are being pulled in from every direction or just being left alone, because
there are so many, that are trying to imply their help, and that wonīt help a goddamn thing.

If I should suggest anything, I would say to those kids and youngsters or their parents,
that they are going to have to do everything to create a suitable enviroment
where they can rest and slowly but safely will be able to find the possibilities in their problems.
- Instead of keep on getting the impossiblities within their problems confirmed.

Because no one shall tell me that,
their inner problems arenīt holding any room for flexibility, and just difficult hardness
when one pulls out the hands from where the problems are,
and where one are being decieved to believe that no touch nor no movement can occuer.

To the kids and youngsters
- In your enviroment with everything you need
take YOUR time by taking
a concentrated startingpoint in yourselfes in first or second or third person
and try to close your eyes, find rest and take it from there...

And to the parents
- Give the kids and the youngsters their time
without infiltration of your time
and step only into their situation where they need you
and not where you need you
lovingly and caring
because the more you feverishly are in their sights
the more you fill out the space that the kids and youngsters
otherwise could have used to find the opportunities in their problems
and then they would still have their helpful and lovely parents
including other opportunities and confidence obtained on their own

XXXXXXX: Are you saying, that itīs our fault, that they donīt get any further, huh?, who says itīs not your fault!

Claus: not only, but that you completly are in possession of the tool to, get them further.

- Alltogether as a startingpoint in the kids and youngsters
roles, as if you are them
with their problems
and try to close your eyes, find rest and then take it from there together...

And please notice that Iīve only made a somewhat suggestion to a perhaps good solution.

Installations artpiece
-That illustrates a democratic riot
with socialism.

Titel..: Oil in water
Price..: 12000Dkr
length 12cm
width 1,8cm
height 1,8cm

Please note that screw is not included.

A woman whoīs on a date with Claus

Tell a little bit about yourself, is she saying with soft eyes!!!

Claus feels: Iīm on foreign and unsafe ground
Claus thinks: So who am I now???
Claus says: Iīm so equally, that I canīt see, that Iīm thinking
about dicks from morning until evening...

Wow Claus, your lovely person, who else have you been empathetic with???

Claus: To you people, who have anything fore or against me, then kill me
and discover that it wonīt kill your lack of capacity or lack of tolerance,
but enhance your irritation, anger, hate or trouble hereof.
I always win NO MATTER
or do I???:-):-):-)

In the quiet and calm neighborhood

Noirk, now it got to fuckin stop...

Are there anybody, who will be so kindly to
turn down that fuckin silence!!!
- One can even say, what oneself is hearing, damn!!!!!!

XXXXX: Claus, people are affraid to believe in it, what are you going to do about that?

Claus: ...tell them, that if they "are affraid to believe in it",
then they canīt expect that, itīs going to bring them belief in it...

How bad do you want, the sun to shine on?

As somebody may have noticed from me in everyday life
my personality has only partially sat down

I donīt get my balls enlargen
- they have the size they have and look the way they do
in the eyes aswell as in reality

There are more theatrical blood in Denmark, than in me
but mine often reaches further

One can be affraid to loose ones cool
and being stressed out of the fact of having to continue to be concentrated to the max.

So do you dare take it and let go?
- because it shall not be within you

What if us humans had to, lay and sleep with one eye open night after night,
and in the daytime run around like zombies,
because we could become so affraid of, being so much beside ourselves
that we coould get up in our sleep as well as in full consciousness
and go and do something we never could dream about?
- Because we almost also beside ourselves "are keeping an eye on us" 24/7.

You have many real friends and thatīs where it can become that
unreally fear inside...

- Yes, Iīm schizophrenic, but inside myself, and thatīs where it stays and becomes
this outer fear thatīs so, to say only lies in the transtion of half asleep and half the consciousness
as it is in this case the only thing that can feed my
insanely feeling of empowerment and fear of loosing my cool, when I have to let go the most.

There are no empowerment or fear of loosing ones cool and let go
to the deepest sleep, because then you very clearly
and obviously can feel where you are and where you need to be!

Thereīs nothing wrong with, letting go to ones consciousness
and take in the calm nights consciousness and sleep.
- When you wake up and are totally calm in the dream to-morrow.


XXXX: How doo you manage to carry

Claus: Uhhhnnnnnn!?, not only waste in form of food...

XXXXXX: What are you hiding inside your head Claus?

What are you all hiding inside your heads?

I focused so much with my dick
that I ended up focusing on my dick
and my woman took the focus off my eyes with a lick

I wonder what kind of focus my woman was searching for within me?
- I wonder what kind of focus my man was searching for within me?

Woman, you are going to have to throw a whole lot of make-up on
the dumbing ground, if you want to be with me:-)

And if you misunderstand this, as I am referring to your own personal "dumbing ground".
Then give it for gods sake air instead.
And enjoy a fresh breath of air

Am I being fake, because Iīm taking peacefully delivery of it?

I swallow 600mg of anti-excessive thoughts every night,
and now I have taken a pro necessitate to calm down on,
but I have almost manifested to overcome itīs
calm effect and once in a while Iīm feeling some kind of unpleasant stir around
my heart.

A bird outside of my window, twits as if it wants to warn
of something.
A psychotic person might be able to believe, that
the bird is warning this person of his or hers stir around the heart.
But a belief in this context
is just like trying to come down to earth in a constant free fall,
until one wakes up and realize, that it was nothing but an unreal psychotic reality,
if one wakes up and realizes that at all?

Last but not least, then the matter would be a hole other, if
one was able to feel that the bird,
did twit with this warning and by letting one feel itīs presence
was able to shuf off the stir around the heart...

The ones who reads this, are the ones who knows how to do it,
and the ones who doesnīt know how to, finds something else to hate me for, strangly enough:-)

If you have found something usefull on my website, then I wonīt send you a bill
for saying thanks, but Iīd rather send you a bill for not saying thanks.
- Thanks is not expensive, for those who are rich on it from other people...

:"What cha think all the guns is for?"

Claus : W(h)at(ch) ya thinking, all my h(e)ard(t) blod is for

You can smile, wave or do nothing wrapped in nothing changed
all you want to, but if they canīt feel you,
and you canīt feel them, then itīs very hard demands
for one, having so many criminals against you
and when you only get one chance, to prove your room of heart for the criminals.

A handicapped person in a wheelchair can also be attacked,
if the amount of material goods supersize his natural richness

- Because if he can work for it, then he can afford to loose it

A person who almost only is strong to fight people
and things with the mind,
can very easily be attacked physically,
because there are someone who obviously can see, that he almost not
is capable of performing any physical resistance.

Unless the ones who wants to go at him in advance
can see, that he is completely not capable of performing any physical resistance
then they wonīt even choose to go at him
because both parts will enjoy being one with the clean peace from eachother
until that the most petty little overlooked thing appears(inequality)
and increases the anger for the one part and what the combat are going to be about...

Is there enough time for me to
place my blue belt at my waist
of wrap it around my dinga-ling???
Here youīall donīt even have to worry about not being accepted
neither feeling not being accepted.

The Criminals: Fuck you Claus, you fuckin egoistic Mother Fucka

I have the blue head belt, because my big little sister gave it to me
and something to work with...

look at that!
contractions around the asshole, a classical sign of him holding something back!

Would yīall please call him in here...!

LOOK AT ME, Now Iīm only going to ask you once...have you ever let any shit out?

Whether you are a hardboiled gangster, mass murderer
or just have an urge for sporadically violence

Claus: Do you want to fire off bullets or words?
what if I told you, that you could get way further
by firing off words to me
than by sitting and fire off bullets out in the air
because I have made way for you...

The patient thinks: Well then there arenīt any fucking things to hit!!!

Claus: Yes, there are plenty of things to hit,
such as your patterns of behavior and the things that triggers them,
that arenīt obtainable in the physical essence
but obtainable in the mental essence...

Iīm not any more anything, that yīall are helping me being,
just like Iīm not any more fantastic, that yīall are helping me being.

What do you choose?
-Then itīs not so wierd why Iīm schizophrenic
When yīall ainīt relaxing and I canīt figure out
how to shut off my fucking personality!!!

Unatural belongs to the already unaturally, off course!!!

Donīt be bitter, because you are limited to the unaturally skills
and be jealous on the natural skills.
Be happy instead because your options for doing something else with them arenīt limited the same way.
- Remove the unatural skills by, giving them tailwind where they are within you,
because the unatural skills actually decieves you, to limit yourself somewhere to things such as bitterness.
The unatural skills headwind to you are only capable of doing what they do,
because you give them adveristy,
and then there will continue being some room in you, that they can conquer,
and make you limited to bitterness once again.

I canīt do it...!!!

Yes, you can, if you pratice long enough...
Your patience might be too short and you want to see results too quick,
so think about, if you practice focused enough,
then the time will go by much easier
and before you know it, you are an expert...

I told you, I canīt do it...!!!

Not if you continue building your daubt up in and around yourself
and invalidate your opportunities to discover your skills!!!
- Do you feel me???

Together with alot of other projects..:

They only had 2 sets of windshieldwipers, that will cover the larger windows,
so Iīll have to wait, untill they get a new delivery,
in the meantime I can go and wonder, how Iīm going to mount them
and if Iīll need one big motor or lots of small motors...

XXX: Would you stop bullshitting Claus, itīs not doable!

Claus: Whether it is or not, then gets your fantasy going, if you want it to!

XXX: Yeah, so?

Claus: If your fantasy doesnīt stop by the picture, is there then anything wrong with that?

No matter how much you move
when you reach out for food all the time
then there ainīt enough opportunity for your body to burn it
and there is therefor neither not enough endorphins being released
to satisfy and reward you.

You know what I mean ?

Now I have eaten those burgers and those fries and have finished my coke,
so now I think, that Iīll reward myself with alot of ice-cream.
- Now do let there be room for that reasonalbe sense and your unbendable backbone,
that can get you out of your food abuse
and donīt try to tell me, that you donīt fill yourself with all that food
because you already weigh too much and are thinking that youīll never
get over on the right side of 80KGS anyhow
- Well that you never will get this way

What do you do, the next time, you take your hand
and are reaching out for more fat food
Think multiple times...
Vision your physical goals in front of you and feel you mental goals within you,
because you find inspiration in the people and in the world outside of your own world.
- the good thing about this is that your former fat food
doesnīt even have to try or that you donīt even have to try to have it maintaining
your goals for you, but that you as a beginnig, can let your Sleek and steadfast
goals be their own food to themselves...

See thereīs alot of energy

Now do remember that all these goals still only
can be held concentrated going with
the healthy and sleek food that you have begun to eat
and when you after a while can see that you
are making your way into your goals and are beginning to relax
then you can very easily risk falling into the old eating patterns
if you donīt see your overweight in front of you
not being the next goal youīll have to reach
but a motivationsource or energysource to make you keep on going as you are now...

And also remember that thereīs a reason why, that one also eats cake and sweets,
when one has reached ones goal
to exercise it away before that it
becomes you and to keep yourself in balance.

How have I then made my way to be able to describe this,
by the fact, that I started thinking about that thing,
we were numerous people that werenīt thinking about.

Salesmen: This is last years model, the transportation, that is so futuresafe,
that it doesnīt even excist...

This here is our newest invention, the car that DOESNīT run on cursewords!
You gotta have a testdrive in it, here you go...

Blizoa: Hey how do I get the car fired up?
Ohh, okay...

Hey, itīs me who just bought that new eco car from you guys,
how do I get the car to shift gear?

Salesmen: I told you, that it replaces your thoughts in this matter
so youīll just have to look as empty in your head as you possible can.
- Or as a safetyprecaution to this, we have also ensured it
against people with excessive thoughts, whom you seem to be a part of,
so you can also just say, please shift to second gear...

Blizoa: Ok, Thanks!

Fuck, shit, shitty car, gay intersection and fucking crab...!
Arhh, what now?

XXX: is straight up just to open up for and take a dump in...
XXXXX: Yeah, itīs a really good john!...

Possibilities, impossibilities, and Iīm standing with the side to even more impossibilities and possibilities...
- The same can be transferred to certain feelings
- So can you remove the affect from the adversity or the feeling
to the open hole in your soul and get it in your skills,
then you can eliminate it...

Sooner or later I will meet my overall deadline


But how, easily unprepared and straight forward?
or difficult prepared and not straight forward

If the Hollywood lifestyle is going to die, faster than your relationship?

Isnīt it too early, that you create your lifetime?
Isnīt it too early, that you get to sleep together?
Isnīt it too early, that you have beers in the garage?
Isnīt it then too early, that you move in together, get children and get married?
Isnīt it then too early, that you stress yourselves?
Isnīt it then too early, that you again are having a night on the town with your loving girlfriends?

Isnīt it then too early, that Iīm saying it?

If you want to dissolve a negative energysource
with the exsactly same negative attitude...

Then it can only be done if both elements
become 100% positive and so that there
is no negative that remains???

or if this would be doable
then both elements will have to be 100%
agree on the outcome???

You hardly have to do anything!...
Other than that:-):-):-)

It is easier, to perchieve yourself all over as a leaf in the wind of reality,
than to stop up and try being so irretable, mad and pissed
on the irretable, mad and pissed one-way sources to make them disappear.

You will only get it to disappear
by being so light, that the wind brings you on,
and the lighter your are, the lighter it will feel...

And last but not least, is it sorry enough why most
men donīt give a fuck, with something as gay as a leaf

Well if it is so gay, then move along!!!

For kids, youngsters and some grown-up people!

You have to have an attitude with everything in the world
no matter how ugly the subject might be
and no matter if you want to or not
because if you donīt have that, then the subject
can very easily give you a really ugly attitude with it...

If I dare, say it
then the more I "help" other people
the more I will have to be egoistic
sooner or later, to survieve
- and not die from a heartattack.

Maybe thatīs also why, some people
are so egoistic at heart, that they donīt help
any people at all
- So they thereby extend their own
untill, they are being confrontated with their egoistic behavior???

XXXX: Claus, please stop thinking, I canīt freaking see anything!!!

Claus: A so called psychosis wouldnīt be a psychosis, if a piece of metal
created resistance in it, or if other people could see it and confirm it from my perspective...
and not just confirm it not being present from their perspective...

Claus: Goodmorning, is Jon present?

The sekretary: Yes, if you please take a seat overthere, then he will be with you in just a while.

Claus: I really think, that I have got a piece of metal in my eye...

Jon: Claus, you know we have talked about your sickness
and now take my word for it, that how real it might feel
then itīs all just again a matter of your imagination, so please go home,
sleep it off, get right, and then weīll see eachother
in half a year to the next controlvisit, ok`?

Claus: My imagination?

Jon: Yes, I said your imagination!

Claus: Yeah, right!

Claus: Maybe my schizophrenia can see it

xxxxxxx: If the resistance is not allowed in the piece of metal, then where is the resistance at,
when you imply, that your doctor has to see it from your perspective?

Claus: The resistance is also right in front of me, because that is where my doctor should sit
and see it concentrated from my perspective.

Claus: Can you figure out, what I call this?, a sentence youīre being placed in:-)

Claus: I would give her everything of myself, outbalanced
XXXX: Sheīs on birth control pills, do!
XXXXXX: What else is she then birth controlling???

Seen from the bottom

Itīs not without any connection that a politician can go so low
as going to a "hooker" to complete.

And itīs not without any connection, that I have been with a prostitute
and not being able to complete.

Iīm looking for a woman who can...
split my braking sail
sheīs fine...

Try taking as an example the drugs psychiatrically
and discover what you can use them for:-)

Because, then they donīt just appear in the
limited way they do in the physical world!!!

Following keywords will be used to create the next artpiece..:

Get, get my picture
smack the ***** up

Whether I want it or not...
- itīs easier to take it as an experience than
as a life long battle,
and you better be thankfull for me making you that much more manly...

One has to be the bitch, to smack all the real bitches up.

2nd layer (which layer do you operate in?)

Girlfriend 1: He just said, that he is 10 persons
then you can calculate whatīs going to happen,
when you want in contact with him, right Darling???

Girlfriend 2 focused on what her girlfriend said,
but didnīt see, that I in the MEANTIME became 11 persons
and we ended with going very well in place together...

Claus: I said, that those who try to,
sniff glue to make it all come together...

Woman 1:
Iīll tell ya, he is so good a person,
that he thinks of others before himself...

Woman 2:
He is Schizo, Beautifull
just see
he canīt even manage to keep calm...

Then itīs good, that I am 10 persons,
that can make it all come together...

Iīm now about to try something new,
-to make a completly palpable artpiece
that will be build up upon following text and creation..:

Is it really?! Hello sauce

Thereīs unfortunately not anything left...
But donīt worry...
what you put in it, are you getting out of it
when you canīt see anything in it:-)
and when you donīt believe in it:-)
stop with it!:-)
and last but not least when you canīt agree!:-)

- Because your point of view and imagination doesnīt necessary have to be stationary

Now also works in the bedroom!
And not just by standing and not being
noticed or used, but especially really well if itīs being

Fabricated from a lovingly thought
from my difficult alonelife...

1 beer + 1 joint =
1 beer + 1 joint - 1 beer + 1 joint =
x + x = I have been there in my sense, because I donīt want to end there in my stupidity

Where are you from ? Where are you at ? where are you going ?

Stress has become wireless and mobile..:

Once the phone could only be stationary and the computer and fax aswell
that is in their functionality.

And at the same time you wasnīt reminded of the possibilities
when they went off, because it was good enough as it was.

If you want to distance yourself away from stress in this form,
hereīs a solution..:

As these present ineverable aids has become wireless and mobile,
your percievement of them, has to also become wireless and mobile...
- In another way, the things that you combine them with
has to be beaten by the things that you can combine them with,
to your benefit, so that you can ease their affect on you.

But as this demands even more energy and work from your side,
one can feel more weight and worries by having to take care of this yourself aswell
and not having the opportunity to relax by looking at them as
they were in the past.

And therefor it is funny enough not without any foundation that somebody choose
to fight the speed of time, because it actually hasnīt much of
any foundation beneath it self.
- Other than when you once in a rare while can manage to hurry up relaxing.

Is it possible to make the wireless and mobile stationary?
- Yes, as long as they donīt get to many capabilities...

I can be like you want me
and even shape myself more or less
when you let me go
Iīm in other words like a piece of clay
and if they donīt believe it
itīs because that they canīt see it or
should I say imagine it:-)

I earned 100 million
and didnīt see, that I put my will and strength there, where I cashed them in,
so I didnīt have any will and strength to,
be able to fight my way through lifes hard times,
now my will and strength were,
so to say those 100 million dollars...

Does Claustrophobia, have to take up so much room?
- Suppress it by asking yourself that question,
and thereby keeping the option open,
for how you want, it to be.

Stating oneīs dislikes for the zero tolerance of a drunk person,
is so to say the red button.

If you want to mount something with a screw,
then you can screw it in touching the sides of the subjects
without any problems.

But if you think that, when it comes to a drunk person,
you might be able to inject tolerance without
touching either sides of the extremely sensitive
subjetcs of this persons mind
then you also close up the one and only hole
in which this persons current state of mind is breathing out of...

Itīs not impossible to inject tolerance into the same person,
when he or she is completely sober,
beause then you have what you and he or she needs...
The room that allows it!!!

I donīt mind, that the single women are wearing the pants in our relationship
because they can come off, when the women sees what I have accomplished from my shoulder...

I would use my breaths to my last breath
to give a total stranger a new,
so that I can shut myself down with ease and without resistance,
knowing that I will live on in you
and that I have made a good last impression...

Because you believe in me...

If you need to feel the appreciation from other people
for your workcraft, as a student or as another striving person.
Then you only get the best out of the feeling of having the needs
for compliments, by not expressing it with insult,
but with patience and the best expressed hope...
Unless the people that you are with, are insulted in advance,
over your workcraft thatīs so great.

And if the people that you are with, doesnīt notice
your room for hope
and your/yours room for equal pleasure sooner or later...

Then itīs not the right people, that you are with!

Salesman: Yes, this our new shipment of brand new european cars
would you like to see them up close?
they just came this morning...

XXXX: Well ye....


XXXX: Whatīs this?

Salesman: This is our 13:59 shipment....


XXXX: what?...

Salesman: Well this is our 14:00 oīclock shipment

XXXX: Looks like Iīm going to be spending big money today. huh...

XXXXX: Get paid for oneīs place in society, my ass...
There fuckin ainīt no women, whoīs going to put their abdomen at service
for your fuckin derailed mind and twisted shit...

How you can create my place in society with or without sound, why?
donīt you instead come and pull me out of it???

Because youīd rather help yourself than me

XXXX: No matter what you do.
You canīt put yourself in womens place...
I know that your want to help them inside
so if you want to know how it feels being them
try doing it another way...damn

Claus: My asscheeks told eachother and my penis
what ever happens to night stays between us

No kidding, this shit hurts
no wonder some women are touchy!

You hate me for what I create,
and I gladly take your razor sharp critizme, when you
want to kill me with it, to give you a goal with it...!!!

But think about
if you can perform jalousy
what else could you then perform if,
you didnīt spend your time with it???

With the loving and caring thoughts
from your favorite piece of clay...

Even behind and after the most concentrated look, way of being and performance
is there a way too relaxed state of mind.
- So hurry, concentrate, forgive me, so that we can continue
as nothing happend...

We all need to relax at some point!

Hey people
Putting my overweight aside
I have been trying to shave my back here during this evening
so that I can become more aerodynamic, here when the summer comes,
and I will enjoy a bikeride every once in awhile

But itīs a right mess,
thereīs fuckin blood and guts everywhere,
and it hurst like hell, whenn Iiīm typing on the ccomputer

I would clean my home, but I canīt find my mankini...

Todayīs doīs

1. Wash and vacuum living room floor with lukewarm soapy water

Inequality and disagreement is a feeling inside, of the outside
so express this feeling with love
no matter how negative the inequality and disagreement makes you feel

This only works in relationships
where the something for something principle
lives healty whether itīs positive or negative.
- And not in relationships where either the man or woman
always has the final say so.

If your wife complains,
then donīt say anymore to her, that will
make her keep complaining.
- Think instead about, anything that you say or do what so ever
has an effect on her, you and your relationship.
- And this also contains an influence.

You donīt eliminate your wifes complaining
by, arguing with her, telling her to shut up
or by walking away from your home.
You can eliminate it by, taking the fault in the discussion
about whoīs fault it is, as the best man you may be.
And therefor also get rewarded by it, positivly
later by your wife, for that exact same reason.

I really do understand that in
realtionships with demanding jobs, kids and eachothers demands
and all the other things,
you sometimes have to need to
see things happening on command as it does elsewhere.
- But remember that todays women doesnīt react
positively on commands.
- And therefor must you as a man
win what you want and what she wants
in another way, for instance by showing room
patience and many of the other things that our
current timeframe does hold much of.
- So impress your wife by showing her, what you can do
to straighten it out, because if you do this, remember
that itīs you who do it.
And itīs therefor also up to you to complement
your wife for reacting impressed, with bodily love, kind words or other positive ways to
communicate on.

This way you ensure yourself and your both
from not getting stuck again
and also contributes to keep your both
free from discussions.

In case the complaining should come again one or more times.
Then think in advance about what before has made you
get her and yourself to stand and contribute to the before mentioned discussions.
And in that way lead it away elsewhere before it goes wrong.

You have been there before,
because of that reason, that you shouldnīt end there again:-)

It has been six years, since I began fucking with my tenfold personalities also known as my schizophrenia...

XXXXXX: Then what can we look forward to see the coming year, Claus???

What is headwind
becomes tailwind, when you
use yourself the right way...!!!
- Just like if you canīt catch your breath
the turn around...

A short story long, is that I shold never have
become an Artist!!!

XXXXXXXXX: Control a heartattack with your mind, fuckin no thatīs impossible!!!

Claus: Ooh well, then check this out..:
Every human second contains a potential heartattack
- If one forgets or donīt know how to take a heartattack
then one can risc getting a heartattack, only because of the fear of the consequences.

XXXXXXXXX: Then how is one supposed to take it?

Claus: You definitely shouldnīt take it with a heartattack
but maybe clearly, by taking the fear of it, with ease and not let your heart stop up, with your mind.

Unjust youthful difficulty / eligible adult difficulty

Jake from Nortwestern(Deadliest catch)

For Jake, it is clear to see and feel his own big spark,
because he is willing to give so much of himself,
and so much physically and psychiatrically,
that he pretty much uses everything of himself.

This brings him just as much, if not even more again back to himself,
especially if the others gives him his tailwind with it.

But this, is what the other fishermen canīt see and feel,
because they possibly let their own set of rules,
shadow it from seeing and feeling it with Jake.

The other fishermens set of rules, is that they donīt want to give anybody
unconditional respect and thanks,
and especially because they havenīt seen them work yet.

But if they would listen to and look closely at Jake,
they would see, that he has sacrified and fought a lot, to make it to their boat,
and stand and burn for it with his personality as sacrifice.

But, as long as he doesnīt get respect and thanks from the others from the start,
he doesnīt get the tools, needed to keep doing everything that
he can.
And therefor, is it, that heīs complaining about not getting
further respect and thanks from the others.

Have the other fishermen forgot, that just because there canīt be no dear mom on boat,
it doesnīt mean, that there canīt be just a little bit sincere dear father,
And the female features remains female,
also with those men who mastered it female!!!

This concerns every young man or woman whoīs acting "hysterical and whoīs complaining
without any reason", and it also concerns all of them elder people whoīs saying so
around them...

The more I perfectionize my art
The more you fill yourself with it perfectionized
The more your faith will try to balance it self out
-either by spilling your drink, burning your food on the stove or something EVEN worse

God fucking damn, it is some stupid fuckin shit, you are creating!!!

YMCMB are earning millions and what am I earning?

XXX: Dick?

XXXX: No, hell no!

XXX: Gut gut clean doughts!

XXXX: Yeah, if you a fag!

The lack of wanting to do anything inside the depression...
We are going to try again...

One might say just get out of it, but it might not always be that easy
as the lack of wanting to do anything inside the depression,
is capable of travelling with you everywhere around...

Thereīs a difference of
sitting and getting even more space to oneīs emptiness
with the lack of wanting to do anything inside the depression.

and to get up and give one self space
from the lack of wanting to do anything inside and outside the depression.

You donīt have to believe, that you can get
your joy to life back
by turning the lack of wanting further in against the place that
only will have room for even more lack of wanting
as this just enhances your situation the wrong way...

But you could believe, that you can get your
joy back to your life
by turning the lack of wanting outwards against the place that
only will have room for new things...
to trade some of your lack of wanting with
just exactly enough of the joy to life
so that you can keep yourself going
with things to do...

The only thing I need right now

-is this bowl of rice, vegetables and meat and my spring water
and not that troubled and hungry willingness to buy-buy-buy
that canīt satisfy my stomach as good as my insanity anyhow...

I have satisfied untied all my female
viewers mentally
I canīt see no females
for miles around who pulls in my ouh yeah
ouh no so thereīs no tensions in it!!!

I need some air-

"No matter how I twist and turn it..."

How will you handle the pain?

How will you handle the joy?

If you have the joy here, it can go out to someone else
or come from someone else

If you have the pain here, it can go out to someone else
or come from someone else

Take all the pain and give it to someone else
and out comes all the joy in you and all the pain in that someone else

Take all the joy and give it to someone else
and out comes all the pain in you and all the joy in that someone else

Take all the pain and draw it out from someone else
and out comes all the joy in that someone else and all the pain in you

Take all the joy and draw it out from someone else
and out comes all the joy in you and all the pain in that someone else

"No matter how I twist and turn it..."

Can you give and recieve a gift and see eachother appriciate it at the same time?

Speaking fluid and caring to get you affected...

What happens when you dissolve anger and bad behavior in the
spirits, because there isnīt anymore of yourself left?
-The spirits within your body may get EVEN, more concentrated!!

He goes to clubs and bars and likes to drink spirits like water every other night
and he is behaving himself so nicely and respectfully in front of his girlfriend
but the days after, he usually gets violent and uncontrolable
in front of his girlfriend and all other friends.

I know that you need to feel
that your concentration dissolves a bit once in a while
and that it might improve your concentration to
go even further in the right direction
the next days, but it might also go the other way
as you donīt know or remember what you do.

If itīs about relying on the spirits and to be affected by them
and loosing up on your own rely on yourself aswell as to the affection to yourself
- Then remember to do it all with balance!!!

Can you get so concentrated
that you can affect the people around you?

Can you get so concentrated
that you canīt dissolve yourself completely
with the spirits?


How would it be possible to predict the future, if one doesnīt
have any startingpoints to base it on.
- I would almost say that one should predict the future
by taking the present moment to base it on and know what it leads to
in somebody or something, because one has observed it before.

There are some patterns that renew themselves, but also some that doesnīt do it!!!

Fiending people wants to get higher
but they too could get way further forward
if they were to roll up the window

There are still somethings, that the Chinese people canīt make...:-)

Some hearts have to be won and some hearts always have to be lost
and if you ask me, the wrong hearts are still being won...

international wars never ends by one nation trying to beat the other
foreign minister presents are being brought,
and placed only to restore the unbalance within our societies

Somebody has to show some balls, if you know what I mean?

If you let me get the laundry room all to myself Iīll

All new texts will be moved to, what can I say, after they have been shown here on the the frontpage.

And all new artpieces will be moved to the 2-0 gallery, after they have been shown here!!!
- With exception of the artpieces with text "on the side", that will end in the, more than just pictures, gallery.