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Itīs going to damn hard not to turn on...!!!

There no longer has to be a bad backside of the specific object....

You can now buy my artpieces, where they will be put together by two, one on the front and one on the back,
so that you can turn it either way.

The first one will be this one underneath here:


Iīm about to go another new way with something, that as far as I know neither has been seen before.
...To install lights on the backside of my artpieces...

See more about this under the tab other great ideas!!!


All artpieces can be printet out on canvas sheet
such as 1x1m - price will be stated when asking.


There constantly comes new oppertunities within the digital universe.
One of the latest things that can be applied to the artistic world,
is digital pictureframes.
I have followed with this development,
so itīs now also possibly to buy every artpiece within my entire collection for this purpose.

You can watch a preview, on how it looks in a digital pictureframe
by clicking on the picture below

Please note that thereīs a slighty colordiffernce and a pixelation of the colors in the pictures,
but that is only, because it has been recorded with my digital camera...


As the shine of the colours on the canvas sheets
can fade throughout the years,
when exposed to too much sunlight

Could another opportunity to ensure
full enjoyment of the colours in my artpieces
be to invest in a Media Player, that would make it possible to view the artpieces through a flatscreen tv.
- That shows the artpiece almost just with the touch of a button.

Hereīs a preview of such a Media Player in action.


If you need some new coordinates, then put these into a Google search 55.990615, 10.157267,
contact me and come and see some live artpieces

P.s if you have found some artpieces, that you would like to buy from me ...
then you can find my emailadress under the "contact" section

I hope, that youīll find something, that you like.

All The Best Regards
Claus Velling-Hansen