...More than just pictures...

This is a new gallery, that will contain selected artpieces with med extraordinary texts


At long last

I had actually written the nearest military in Oestjylland and man, they must have laughed their asses right off the chairs,
when I asked, if they could close off Park Allé, as if I meant making a run for it...
- But I wasn´t worth a damn thing, so I had to do it myself with a little bit of luck.

This picture was taken, an early sunday summermorning (around 0435 AM),
when there were the greatest chance of not being so many on Park Allé.
And it was actually minimal, what it had to go through in terms of editing as,
I only had to remove two people out in right side of the picture.

Enjoy it...


If you haven´t noticed it?

Then I can actually also be innovative be creating something new aswell as new thinking, as I in this case have created this
piece, that illustrates 10 aeroplanes, that comes out of eachother. So they actually only takes up the room of one aeroplane´s dimensions.
- But if it can be used for war or on chartertravels is not up to me, but now I have created it, and then we will see, where it ends up.


How will you use your creativity outwards and get paid for it...?
- Istead of using your creativity inwards and pay exspensively for it in the long run...!

In a young age, can one often get put to the test time after time and should
show what one can contain in a demanding world, that is damn good at tearing and ripping one apart
and put one back together again in another way, that isn´t suitable.

And it is not to be disrespectfull and say, that I don´t understand your escape from
the demands or what it is, that you don´t want to deal with...?
But can´t you see, that if someone(and pardon my example) sniffs glue and try to
make it all come together and stick together like that, then it actually contains a certain form of reverse
or anti wiseness, knowledge and development if you will, that you can make rap rhymes or build something else opun!!!

And don´t believe, that you only would be able to find that connection, if you had
poured that shit inside, but in that case could have seen further than your own nose and have kept your health.
- So go ahead and put yourself together with the wrong things and risk becoming fragile,
or take the chance in the faith of hardenning and thereby learn it the hard lonely way,
that there are actually many friendly people in this world, who can and will help you with getting a good life
before, that you end up getting the bad and irrational life, that then has to awaken the reason
in a last attempt to turn it all around.

One doesn´t have to do the wrong things physically
to learn, that one shall not perform them
noticing that, if one dares to do the wrong things mutiple times mentally
and maybe also sees it through the eyes of them, whose physics hangs in, them bound to end there physically
one only has to fight with the mentally wrong places
and that can then be ones ace
as the physically wrong places over time then can build up to come and challenge you.


It´s not critisisme, but motivating been theres !!!
that are being
Freshly GROUND said:
Young mayors do not make me loosen my control over the coffee cup
because, that they experiment more than me...

...My well-being lays quietly on the third month and still manages to strain the municipality...
While they again on Aarhus Tv interpret the big improvement of the society´s look without even telling, what had to pay the price...

So that the town hall can continue standing nicer than ever...

The first priorities are to many to stand on one line without also creating caos...and I do know, that one can´t satisfy everybody...
But I for instance don´t assume, that you will put the mentally suffering in activation jobs out in the new multiarena...

Because all mentally suffering also of(f) course pose the biggest benefit, when we are being held within ourselves and work in sickness...




I said, that young mayors don´t make me loosen my control over the coffee cup,
because, that they experiment more than me...
- And god damned, how it got the system going!!!


I´m now about to try something new,
-to make a completly palpable artpiece
that will be build up upon following text and creation..:

Is it really?! Hello sauce!

There´s unfortunately not anything left...
But don´t worry...
what you put in it, are you getting out of it
when you can´t see anything in it:-)
and when you don´t believe in it:-)
stop with it!:-)
and last but not least when you can´t agree!:-)

- Because your point of view and imagination doesn´t necessary have to be stationary

Now also works in the bedroom!
And not just by standing and not being
noticed or used, but especially really well if it´s being

Fabricated from a lovingly thought
from my unlovingly alonelife...


Following keywords will be used to create the next artpiece..:

Get, get my picture
smack the ***** up

Whether I want it or not...
- it´s easier to take it as an experience than
as a life long battle,
and you better be thankfull for making you that much more manly...

One has to be the bitch, to smack all the real bitches up.

2nd layer (which layer do you operate in?)


Does the red color symbolize love?

Everything breathed safe and sound
in many dirty minds, a pair of binoculars and around,
so they looked at their watches
thinking that, now she was about to get hers,
cause they knew, that she would turn 18 in 9 minuts
the time went
and she came painting the town red flush
up behind them, with slices of erections and body limbs, shredded up in brain mush...!!!

xxx: Turn 18 in 9 minuts???



How will I survive?

I behaved like the greatest and unruly
with the feeling of the opposite
in front of the greatest and unruly storm
strucked consciously and provocative the darkest of
the cloud like..:It´s impossible!!!
and the lightning struck down!!!

A natural reaction without a connection
or a natural reaction with a connection!

It´s not any more unlikely, than it is likely!!!

I got my fire going!!!

What will you get going???


Would you relax, just look at me and
Give your face a lift..:
- To where it´s good enough as it is
and by thinking that, the thought should
settle it´s roots in you and grow big and valuable for you.
- Whether you want to or not, then there´s something beautiful
in being able to see that one has been through alot
because it shows your natural personal beauty...

And when you think, that you maybe not have it or can´t find it
then it´s, because you don´t start by removing your make-up
and start to look yourself far into the mirror.
- And believe me, if you do it long enough, the natural beuty will start to
step out...

And I also want to stress, that by being through
alot and by natural personal beuty, I don´t mean
a deform face!

I don´t correct my text, when it has become as I want it!


I will burn low self esteem,
psychological terror and all other destructive behaviors
insted of letting them burn me and my winning role
until there´s nothing else left but them and my victim role...
- and then I will di....rect and transfer the extracted energy to power
behind others thoughts in rotation hereabout...


Der er en-gang imellem altings vildnis og endnu mere af det
der hvor ens HAVEredskaber står
klar til, at hjælpe en med at få grunden til
sine drømme frem i sine drømme...


There´s nothing as if I want to?
when I pull the thong aside and go


Feel dem ideas that doesn´t stationary me, people or children
I am in the building!!!(As in contruction)

This artpiece includes this text..:

I´m not running around with a door and looking like an idiot!
I´m running around with a door mentally and open for whom and what I can...!!

XXXX: Running around with ??? should that also???
Claus: be understood as in mechanically, yeah


All because there has to be an obvious difference between bathrooms and rest rooms!!!

The work contains..:
1. Help me, I can´t shake my ass (as it just hangs on)
2. Nice execution


D.U.T.B-dust under the bed

I strive, as some may have noticed, not to repeat myself too much,
and I´m trying at the same time also, to seek new ways every time I create some thing.

I have in this case made a little rebellion with the format of the tradionel movie posters.
As I also think that the short reviews that there are on the present movie posters, are boring and therefore, I also wanted
to do something extra with the somewhat absurd titel.

The artpiece contains the following goodies..:

Now the award-winning Claus Velling-Hansen finally comes with the all night filming of
the famous english short story
"dust me here, dust me there, dust me everywhere"

...BASED ON real events...

Opens in cinemas all over the country february 2nd 2010

Have given even the most indifferent people cleaning frenzy! -Clean home

Thrills for every dust grains in your home!! -Asthma-Allergy-Foundation

If you sit still, then you don´t dust!!! -The standstill itself

Uhh, that sounds dangerous!!!! -People on the street

Did you clean today ? -The bed tray


How will they get anything out of it, when they don´t put anything in it?
- I got my glass of water ANY-WAY, so please don´t underestimate it!


Following work contains..:
1.The busdriver who drives high touring, says no we don´t accept artmoney
2.I say..Ok, well you are going to give me my 20% off, ´cause I was told
that schizophrenia was considered as a group discount
3.shut down claus-velling-hansen.dk
4.this ain´t mobil ave (with reference to the matrix)
5.Achieve efficiency with influence as motivation
6.When is this coming to the States
7.Bigtime infections
8.red bloodcells
9.let go


The combination to the happiness
can be dependable of you knowing where you have the opposite, amongst other things.


The electric light still lights up certain places, only with the push on a contact...!!!
But the only contact I feel I got here is to the depression...


Eventhough 2010 nor was a good year of sales for me, I still keep
the flag flyng high, with all the hey´s it has brought!

So therefore this work "a needle ina" came to life.
And contains the following text..:
1. It was a good harvest this year
2. Looking for me is like looking for HEY in a needlestack


Another work before and after

This artpiece includes..:

The Terrorpeut asks: Shouldn´t we try to put some hands on? huh? hallo!!!
My negative says : What´s happening with my polarity??
My positive says : I can get the negativity to keep itself for itself
- This work illustrates how others thoughts about
other people can effect these peoples looks
and functionalities for better or worse, but in this case good, where
theres a thought bubble that completes
the missing parts of the magnetic I, so I´m whole again.


I don´t say, that we are made like magnets or that it is possible to mimic them, but
I say, that it is possible to compare them,
for the fact, that there are certain things magnets can attract and repel, that can remind
us of the negativity and positivity us people can attract and repel!!!

There can also be a brainwrecking and involved positivity in the negativity, if not
then imagined, in how it is, that they,
cling themselves to the negativity, as if they get the pure
positivity out of it, that they need.

Other than that then the work also illustrates the setting to, the way one can
exorcise the negativity, with anything else but the positivity, as the negativity only would become even more
effective of, being so close to the positivity.
And this could eventually be done by using your very own negativity, that you have yourself...!

The negativity hasn´t the same effect over another negativity, and so on..:-)
And it´s not without any attraction, that robbers only robs the ones who has the opposite of themselves..:-)

One can as an ending to this also for real see, how easy it was to become one with it,
when one is neutral, but at the same time also how easy it can be not to go in one with it, when
one charges one self not to do so.


How will you deal with your stress, other than the fact that you let it deal with itself....ETC.

Contains the following..:
1. Now you´re not going to start crying again are you?
2. S-t-for-timeout-ress-, look within it
3. Do you even know what time it is?


Can you FIGURE out what it is?


Artpieces that are
created fast
sold fast
digested fast
sold fast
dead fast

If there EVEN is something to digest!!!

The following artpiece contains this text..:
- you can
connect your power of negativity and
positivity onto something so far unseen
and get anything to work!
-with or without hands

How would you look ligthly at things, if you haven´t done anything with
your power of negativity and positivity?

How long will you and yours live ?


This work is called back thousand wise, that I wasn´t in a thousand ways
and contains other than that also the text, how many ways can I get you in a thousand ways?


This work comes also with tilladelse from Moesgård Museum.

And contains the following ansøgelsestekst..:

Grauballemanden is the most famous find from the ironage.
He died for more than 2000 years ago and is the worlds best preserved moselig.

Og nu er tiden kommet til at Grauballemanden skal til konservering.

Derfor søger Moesgård Museum igen en fleksibel fuldtidssubstitut til Grauballemanden med fast tilknytning
til vores museum.
Arbejdspladsen ligger lidt syd for Århus.

Så hvis du synes, du trænger til at prøve noget nyt, som med garanti
afviger fra din dagligdag, så er her muligheden
for et spændende job.

Som substitut bliver dit ansvar:
- at fungere som grauballemandens repræsentant på ubestemt tid
- at kunne ligge meget stille i længere tid
- at være til stede ved samtlige turistbesøg
- at sende de rigtige signaler, som er med til at gøre Moesgård Museum til et sted, man fortsat får lyst til at
komme tilbage til
- at arbejde på egen hånd.

Jobbet er så at sige sæsonbetonet, derfor skal du også kunne træde til hurtigt, med kort varsel.

Din arbejdstid vil som udgangspunkt for det kommende år være:
April - september: alle dage kl. 10-17
Oktober - marts: tirsdag-søndag kl. 10-16
Mandag lukket - dog åbent mandag i efterårs- og vinterferien.
Lukket 24., 25. og 31 december samt 1 januar.

Tiltrædelse d.1 juni 2008.

Ansættelse sker i henhold til fællesoverenskomst mellen staten og Dansk Magisterforening.

Aflønning som substitut fastsættes efter anciennitet og udgør p.t. mellem kr- 10.160,17 og kr. 12896,50.

I tilfælde af arbejdstider ud over de ovenfor nævnte udbetales et særligt tillæg for bl.a.
overarbejde, aften- og nattjeneste mv.) på kr. 123391 ekstra pr. måned.

Alle interesseret uanset personlig baggrund opfordres til at søge stillingen.

Ansøgningsfrist er tirsdag den 15. maj 2008, kl 12.00.

Ansøgningen bedes sendt til
ansættelsesansvarlig Anette Tåstrup-Hansen eller ath@mmu.au.dk
tlf 8928 2138, fax 24769127



Oh, no it´s not hot weekend again...

The neighbors forplay develops as thanks for a good week...
...and I´m almost with it...

but I have to hold it back...
and do it with my schizophrenia again...

...later that night I´m trying to be good to myself for once....but
can´t roll the cigarette around the far wishes of a webcamera...and a group on facebook...


No, it´s not needle therapy...!!!
Psychologists favorite dish


Contains the following text..:
You can´t escape, so check what happens around my fulcrum and get engulfed
- with reference to the black holes in the universe:-)


Not a single thing is unsuitable for comparison or unchangeable

if nothing can be percieved differently
how would you ever be able to change yourself.

the hurts sounds bad, but in this case they are being perceived as hertz
so the ups and downs within thereby can be calmed
down into a steady road forward....


1.Could you please say that again!!!

2.Wake up, MUTE-ilated
just because we faded
in a different way from the middle
does it have to be a riddle???!!!


Hi there Neloqua
My name is claus velling hansen
and I´m from Denmark, Scandinavia.

I´m a Digital Artist and
I´m currently working on somewhat masterpiece...
- Where I have tried to work my way around situations such as when women are stuck
in relationships with bad men, and hardly can move physically nor mentally...
- And not to mention the kind of situations we hear about when women are being trapped in basements.

So a long story short, the reason why I´m contacting you is that I
came across this beautifull photo of yours

Which I really would hope you will let me use, as a great contrast
to the darkness and misery these women are being held down in....?

All the best regards
From Claus

P.s If you like then take a peek at my website
it´s www.claus-velling-hansen.dk ;-)
Hi Claus,
Yes, you can use my photo!
All the best, Neusa

Dette værk er nu under kniven, så du kan følge det i dets udvikling til dørs!

Jeg skal gøre opmærksom på at
- Værket er forsøgt, at få til at se ud som det ses fra indersiden af mørket
samt et tilfældigt, men dejligt sted på jorden, som det såmænd ikke kræver andet end lidt fantasi
at åbne op for!!!

Den venstre del af billedet indeholder indtil videre flg. tekster..:

1. Er det en kælder eller det, det utilvante mørke din mand holder dig fast i ?
2. En mørk elendighed er jo ikke kun et fysisk sted og derfor kan vi tro det eller ej
være her sammen hos dig, mere end du tror
3. Hvis du kan stoppe ved mørket her
så kan du også se...
hans opførsel
og hvad så???

JAH og hvad så???

4. Du ved hvor du kan finde et våben i dagslys, men kan du finde det igen i mørke..?
5. Han kan provokere dig med lyset, men hvad kan du så med lyset? ;-)

Den højre del af billede indeholder indtil videre flg. tekster..:

1. En dør ind, kan ikke være en dør ind, uden også at være en dør ud
2. Fastlåsthed døbte sig selv i fastlåsthed, fordi det ikke ville finde sig i at kunne låses op
3. Mørket er slet ikke så slemt, når du kan få det med dig på dine manér


How the artpiece became:
- It begins with complete emptiness and darkness every time the matter
experimentally starts to accelerate, by means of the heads of the matters origin, to right under the speed of light
and thereafter form itself out of the disorder of my ideas and thoughts particles from my univers.
And after less than 27 km around inside my head
we see what comes out of it.

There might be an intermediary of the mass!
but the mass of the artpiece as well as, the mass of Cern and the mass of the universe
can´t be itself, without everything that form it and doesn´t form the mass are either with or against it

So if I hereby haven´t manifested to convey the mass of the artpiece
then just follow my coliding matter :-)!!!


Accordion staircase contains following text..:

Jeg har fem kilo på bagen hvad det gode liv angår

cymbal with eargrib

here it´s ok to be mentally disturbed

It aint me or y´all but it´s the way we keep meeting eachother

accordion staircase


A greeting to those who gives up everything for nothing..: contains following text..:


Stupid-ass soules are coming out on the city streets as if
they can´t find anything else to be hooking on


If you learned, that violence could be considered as a substitute to the love that you didn´t get
then you´ll never get anyones real and deep love, if you are violent time after time...
so please show a little of your true I, that I know you have...!!!

Your patterns of your behaviors grib around you only becomes stronger and stronger
and your grib around it only gets more and more difficult to loose your grib upon
when you keep on, hiding your reason for it second for second
through your addiction to drugs and your lifestyle...!!!

There are so many other things and subjects in your world to be dependable of, and that
there can come better things out of,
other than thinking, that it doesn´t matter, because it is too late,
´cause it only feels too much too late, when you think it too much!!!
and therefore does it only take a single attentively second of your life, to turn it
in such a way, that you can make it grow...
Show me now, what I don´t believe in without any reason, that you ofcourse can get further
away from your old pattern of behavior and outmanovre me and my artpiece with
your creativity, that any bad situation contains in many ways!!!


Bedre end din cypher indeholder flg. tekst..:

De fleste vil ikke vælge rigtigt
og er bange for at være de eneste der gør det

I synes det er så fedt når
der er så mange at dele det lort med
I tror I kan se hvad I laver
men jeres cypher vil blive mindre og mindre
og til sidst er der ikke andre at ryge med end
skizofreni, paranoia og depression

tag det fra en der selv har siddet i røgen

Lad være med at sætte den igang
Lad være med at sende den videre

"andre" forklarer, at skizofreni, paranoia og depression
bare er nogen af de mange tilstande, der udvikler sig og tager form som virkelige uvirkelige personer
som du ikke bare lige sådan kan bede om at gå

Men her er "andre" også HIGHlighted, for at indikere
at hvor der er nogen som dem, er der også nogen modsat dem, hvis man finder dem og holder fast på dem


Contains following text..:
1. Brainwaves that can bring remote consequences

2. Jeg vil regne og Blaise Pascal et vis stykke


The artpiece contains following text..:
Do you still think the sun 146 mill. km away ?
- Has to tell, that the sun is so to say right there, where you remember it or where you forget it!


The artpiece contains following texts..:
1. I have many more things and cases I will have to feel...
2. Yeah, you damn right you do, ´cause I also have to orchestrate your organ
3. You already stink in advance
4. If you want to find me dead, then get in line


Dette kunstværk "Hvordan smager det Axel Bertelsen" indeholder flg. tekst..:

1.En aksel er en maskindel, for det meste en stang der roterer om sin egen akse
og derved overfører kraft til andre maskindele.

2.Det sidste vi har brug for er en mer´

3.Vi er så selvvedligeholdene at vi kan blive i tvivl, når I får jeres mekanik
til at lyde som om den rækker længere indtil jeres egen
4. Jeg har fjernet alt hjernemos
5. Så nu må I klare jer selv og jeg håber inderligt at I sætter jer...

P.s Aksel Bertelsen var en læge i den Aarhusianske Psykiatri, der nu har trukket sig tilbage

Der er ikke noget i vejen med, at de maskindele render rundt som de gør og skal gøre,
det er smørelsen der er forkert, og den rigtige smørelse burde i mine øjne
være tilfredsstillelsen ved, at helbrede folk en gang for alle
også selvom, at det kan betyde, at man løber tør for folk.
- Smørelsen burde netop ikke være, at gøre folks hjerner så
medgørlige, for at behandlerne kan blive ved med at ligge til og tage fra
folks hjerner og adfærd.
I et sådant tilfælde, af at løbe tør for den "godkendte" smørelse,
kunne de jo så bruge den smørelse, der i at revudere sig selv grundigt.
For det er aldrig sidste gang, at der kommer nye sindslidende tilfælde til.


Have the connection to the senses in order
let them sleep away from your home
and tomorrow get eyes, in many other places than you thought!!!

away from your home??

as how you think...hehehehe;-)


Butterfly the piano!!!

Use your weight instead of letting the weight use you mentally aswell as physically!


A helping hand to the ones who also can get lost in the everyday life...?
if you can´t feel yourself, then how much of yourself can you actually see, when you move
around in the everyday life???


Have you seen the last artpiece?

No, I haven´t!

How do you know that?

A mentally ill man on my block, shoots out the window after
people walking by, and gets delt with by the police
and then he is back on his own a week after
though with daily escort, but still on his own!!!!

- A wise person once said that one should listen to the music
and that it shouldn´t be heard
because then it is being heard wrong and only gets danced to
so no critiscisme of the police, because it goes deeper than that...or should I say
it goes higher that that

So high that a shotgun is out of range of being able to wake up any other people on my block?
and just go silently along with text in the newspapers or being filtrated by the speaker in the radio...
that isn´t there.


Værket "Hvad sker der med planerne?" indeholder flg. tekster..:

1.Parker den mås i en bås, og så skal der dæleme gås til den
2.Hvorfor kom jeg ikke med
3.I want to be a criminal if I grow up
4.Hvornår fanden får jeg råd til den anden D-skål
5.Her står flg. på højkant..: Spørg politikkerne hvis de har frigjort sig selv helt(ref. til titel(Med dette mener jeg,
at nogen politikkere i mine øjne med tiden frigører sig selv helt og holdent fra den almindelige borgerlighed
som vi andre af og til må lide passivt under, og som de glemmer,
at de bør arbejde ud fra, samt at arbejde for, uanset hvor meget succes de så end får))
6.7 ugers anatomi, og så trækker jeg rectum som om de kan få mig til at gå op i det
7.Du siger det som om du ikke kan få noget ud af det
8.31 of mae
9.Jeg slår dem alle ihjel fordi...
10.Det er rigtigt, han fejler ikke noget, fordi han har et fordi, han ikke kan få gjort færdigt,
og hvis han idet mindste ikke kan have indflydelse på hans eget liv
og ingen hjælper ham, hvad skal han så gøre?
11.Lidt lys tak
12.Hvordan ser ingenting ud
13.Is that all u got Claus Velling-Hansen?...HAHAHA
14.At mos´fear
15.Jealousy, Yeah U´ll see
16.Båndoptageren ved bordet...afspiller..:
...tax return...


This work includes the following inventions and texts

1. Co2 storing flower created in the steel of inventions...where this is written on the flowers stem
goddamn 2010 was a total joke in steel...
and works in it´s own progress

2. ATPV´s
Assume the position vhickles...is the invention for vehicles
that you operate by assuming the postition for them


The following artpiece contains this text..:

I don´t need any motherfucking body to help me wake up
- And takes place in front of Jehovah´s witnesses in Aarhus V, Denmark


Join the game

This game includes removable football players with different edges around their feet
so they clearly can deliver the football in between eachother dirrently from the common
football players that comes with todays football tables.

That way the hole mystery about this kind of table football
also turns into somewhat collection hobby ;-)

Where you obviously also whould be able to
buy your new and improved footballers
at your favorite hobby store...