...That goddamned art!- what!! else???...


XXXXX: When???





I do know, that it has a slightly curve to it, as it lies there right now, but I will try to sort it out.

The outer sides are curving a bit down, so in order
to try to sort it out, it might be taken into a too lightly thought
of consideration to turn the top around and place something of great weight
evenly around the edges, pressing it evenly down,
but I think, that they then are going to join forces of 100% inwards and make it even worse
or perhaps cancel each others 50% out.

1-2-1-2 is this on?
So clearly, if I single handed from my vision would allow myself to also
get high of the fact of using both parts of my brain,
I can then pursuit a great result
and spread out the weight evenly from middle,
as it lies there in the picture along with time spent in a well heated room.


Here my Father helped me with creating these legs, so that it won´t scratch the floor.