...I´m not about to sound wiser or in any way better than everyone else,
but maybe a bit more precise...

One wants to edit something in something, add something to something
or create something new or kill something new, because others needs might also be there for it,
so that the product gets the proper appearence
and look, mostly in that way, that it doesn´t exsist in that way, you create it.

The reality is often very markedly or very expressionless, and I guess that´s,
what one strives to make up for, as one can be stuck here in between.

If I shall say, what exactly inspires me to sit down
and create artworks, it is, that I through the art can add things to myself or my reality,
that doesn´t exsist there
and thereby, I maybe also can fulfill other peoples needs for the same.

Let me give an example

If I sold you a questionmark framed and everything,
then the question´s marked and connected, to what you
combine it with inside of certain frames within or outside of you and outside the frame.

If you are looking for an idea for doing art or anything else, then you shall not search
within the limits of a certain subject or object and run into a wall,
but find an actual and more or less overlooked subject or object, that´s still open for altering,
and by you working with it, you can then transform it or enrich it
with the combinations and chooses of other colors, abilities, subjects or objects...

You won´t find any good new ideas inside your
limits to others nor your own ideas that already are,
but many more possible good ideas, where they are free!!!

In other words