Aarhus Onsdag
Art on Computer
Monday until friday
Claus Velling-Hansen began actually with the traditional Art, as he in 1981
(It´s nice to see that, somebody sees, that I´m born with it :-))
through the physiatric system got aguinted with Picture Art used as therapy.

Backthen he painted with acrylpaint and got a whole lot succes with his artpieces.
Since then he has taken a long break and is now back at it again.

Claus has thrown himself over the Computergraphic Art.
He takes pictures of things, that caughts him in his daily life and then puts the pictures together
with whole new expressions with the help of his computer.

The new pictures can in july, be seen in Gallo Huset, Nørregade 6 monday-friday at 10.30-1630 AM



Claus-Velling-Hansen exhibits in july in Gallo Huset.
He got acquainted with the Art in 2003 through a local offer in the physiatric system of Aarhus
to use the pictureart therapeutically.

Backthen he painted with acrylpaint, in the meantime it has devolped into Computergraphics.


Aarhus stiftiende:
Graphic Art in Gallo Huset

At first Claus Velling-Hansen flirted with painting.
But then the interst for Computergraphic Art rose, and that is what you now can see
the results of the rest of July in Gallo Huset.
Claus Velling-Hansen has used the work with Art therapeutically and got introduced to the Art of of painting through
a local offer in the physiatric sytem of Aarhus back in 2003.

In the new form of Art, he works with inspiration taken from things, he randomly stumbles upon in a daily context.
With an industrious use of his camera, he twists and turns the things in another whole new way,
that gives the opportunity for the viewer to self-interpretate further upon.


Anne-Mette-Lehrskov said unsolicited, but obviously deserved in an email to me..:
I´m deeply impressed with how much action, there are in you and your pictures
and that equilibrist way, you use the language!