...Can I help you?...

I turn on my schizophrenic lifepartner wrong, when I wonīt put up with it to begin with,
when I put up with it and in the end wonīt put up with it
and I turn my schizophrenia the wrong way around,
when I say to it, now you are coming with me!!!,
and it looks me in the eyes still like the first time and stares me down.

I pull myself as far back from it as possible
and signal, if it has to strengthen itīs grib in me
and if I shall protect it from the obstacles ahead,
it has to come here and, itīs coming rushing with many miles per hour,
where I also lock it in within me, behind me...

Either we are going to go through as many personalities,
state of minds and thoughts my way, or then I am going to take my schizophrenia with me dead in vain...
- will I reach my goal in life?
to plant what my and perhaps also others youthfull schizophrenia were consisting of in the heart incomprehensibly,
where it belongs freely and comprehensibly home for us, who can relate to it

is it incomprehensibly?, that the schizophrenia lies unformulated in the heart?
is it incomprehensibly?, that the schizophrenia lies unformulated in the mind?
and not be very sharp with heart?

- or have I misunderstood?
that what lies in the simple word for some and what lies in the complex word for me
schizophrenia, that furthermore pretty much only lies in itīs raw form incomprehensibly and unformulated in my heart,
and that often only can express it self incomprehensible upwards towards my mind
and that it therefor also would be nice and easy to believe, that it could get expressed
comprehensibly enough downwards to go out through the toilet once and for all
after, that one has thought and formulated comprehensibly enough over it,
but since, that schizophrenia still ainīt food for oneself, it isnīt doable...

It can be felt endlessly well in the body, when one doesnīt know, that one too easy and too short think,
that it can be formulated enough downwards,
and then parts of it reappears hanging incomprehensibly and unformulated in between the heart and mind...

Unless, that one with balance decompose with the mouth
and formulate with the other end,
once the setting is caught off guard
the formulation of schizophrenia can in other words only go one way 100% at a time,
so therefor can one continue expressing it downwards endlessly,
if one shall stop that shit reappear in an other way,
could one perhaps use the mind, once the mind has been left unused,
but even there, can there be problems,
as it can be difficult counteract and use the gravity
with the mind in the hands
and not the hands in the mind
and at the same time furthermore also
have to formulate the shit with the mind

XXX: why are there then some normal people, who finds it funny,
standing or walking with the head upside down???

???because they can relate to it inside other combinations in the head???

One doesnīt however have to stand or walk upside down or
go to the town fair to give it a temporary feeling of the opposite

One canīt neither find any natural mirrored image over oneself where the
sky instead hangs naturally in some combinations and where the ceiling in the residence has been build
unaturally in some combinations, but one can strongly expand the mirrored image of oneself to more than
in the mental
when, that it is necessary
but remember, that it then still were you, who excluded potentially psychotically created that
mirrored image over you without the use of real things.
If one hang mirrors up in the ceiling in the residence
they then hang in the physics of the ceiling and not in the freedom of the mind
a mirrored image is regardless also an unlimited freedom, as long as it is new
as the the physics of the ceiling can compliment the freedom of the mind, new
as much as the opposite, but only in an other line of order
and if you only feel the freedom of the mind, freedom of the mind and freedom of the mind, and continue with it,
you will at some point be met with the annoying lack of resistance of the fact, that
there ainīt anything, that cannot be done...

No, I donīt think, that I have misunderstood the schizophrenia aswell as itīs old and strong resistance,
because if I was placed so incomprehensibly and lifelong away
from this remotely controlled setting in the universe, due to the fact, that I have to be schizophrenic,
then the setting aswell as the people who founded it, will at least one time before or after
return to itīs starting point for them to strengthen themselves in their home,
and therefor also return with their risk of losing me
aswell as returning with my chance to be without it and them
- and then someone will perhaps come and
XXXX: Damn, You are full of shit, Claus

And then some!


Drugs, violence and crime

Parents and kids


Computergame Mentality



The Universe

The psychic world











Acid Shit

All the other shit

If all these elements exists as hollow elements within me,
with clarity and obviousness for the word schizophrenia,
but with unclarity and non obviousness for me,
because that they/it havenīt decided yet,
no more or no less, than neither I have decided yet,
and therefor is it that their outer shell of exsistence bothers me alot,
when they often exsists more, than I feel, I do
and this is where somebody often only has patience to refind the rewarding counterdrug of lifeliness,
that still only lies within their physical reach.
- Why donīt one as a start with steadyness go back inside ones self
and ask what these existences would like to get, and then one wonīt get an answer!
until that one finds out, that itīs all about, what you can combine them with throughout you with your
vision of them.
- And in the meantime could one also find out, that one amongst other elements then fills ones self out.

And in the meantime other artists are busy only making money