thereīs only one thing thatīs bigger and higher than O.P.P.
The female mind
-and doing it doesnīt cause AIDS !


Real women

Those women who not only live in their partners body and mind
to have the feeling back to themselves
real women!


PsychoPATHS is obsessed of making you believe unnaturally much on their
presence to you, and just as you do this, they turn 180degress on your dinner plate

Real men will let you have and enjoy the feeling to their presence
without beginning to manipulate it!

Thereīs a difference of affecting women to be by you with manipulation
and to affecting women to be by you without manipulation.

If you want to keep your women, then you also must let her have her freedom
for then else you do know what happens right?
If you let her have this, then your women
believe it or not, usually also become more loyal to you!!!


What a view I have thereīs not even a single thing in the way
ASSKISSER!!, it might be possible, but the women still wants more of me
and I can keep doing it with a good taste in my mouth.

Battered women and not yet battered women, LISTEN !!!

I have raped a violent criminal tonight
psychiatrically, cause if I did it physically, I wouldnīt have got this out of it ..:

women, the only things thatīs ugly about you
is when your heart can drown yourselves and the wrong man

Itīs very difficult to get into a womans heart through her brain,
but it is in many cases unfortunately too easy to get into a womans heart
directly and further into her brain.


Look within the word if you canīt look anywhere else
A never ending eternity also contains an ending!


If you have to repent a psychopath from his actions
then you donīt reward him, when heīs on his own ground
You await, that he will leave his own ground by reasonable sense
and to go over onto the psychologist ground

And when he has taken that step, the psychologist can start to
give him a little bit by bit again.

But the biggest step you will have to take as a psychologist is; Do you dare to believe in it?
(As this for better or worse is connected to the patients reaction here to)


Evil circle to good circle.

You donīt have any love for yourself, because you eat too much
and you eat too much, because you donīt have any love for yourself.

Then what, if you donīt eat too much for a time, do you then have love for yourself?
beacuse you really end up eating the love that you have for yourself
- And then you donīt gain any pounds, and then you can again have love for yourself, that you can eat off of


Thereīs a meaning with what can seem as a little nervewrecking madness..:
when you eat a meal, go for a walk, go to the toilet, take a carrot
and sit down and read a good book for about a hour, while you rest and are having love for yourself,
fall asleep, and the next day eat breakfast and go to work.

But remember if there is anything, that makes you get stuck or will make you tired
of this worlds radius
then itīs because there are someone or something, that you will need to experiene.
make the radius bigger by or unload yourself off of.:-)


I have satisfied untied all my female
viewers mentally
I canīt see no females
for miles around who pulls in my ouh yeah
ouh no so thereīs no tensions in it!!!

I need some air-


It boils over in the kitchen
hurts in the bedroom
and develops in the mind of the child
the thought makes me lose my appetite
"what did you have for breakfast ?"


Shall I say ditto or that I love you too?

īCause I live through your heart and you live through mine
like as if we had nidcap...kidnapped the connection to our own........


I could say that you should get your
dildo, your remotely controlled and vibrating underwear
or whatever you have in your bedroom drawer out
but Iīd rather be on the same wavelength


Who will save all those women thatīs running around in the night
will it be the prince in the white lane
or someone who can make it even more romantic and adventure-like?