The Hollywood model

Richness doesn´t have to be thousands of material goods
but wisdom and an account that grows...

Why should one actually pay with ones reasonable sense, to get that cream, that can
make one look like an 18 year old...

Or why should one as an example believe that there is a rug,
that can extend ones lifetime?
- Unless it´s slip safe, then

try to feel...:
If one really can dress ones feelings and thought waves needs to
get away from that feeling that one knows so very well...?,
and try to feel next time, you leave the store, if it doesn´t feel as if,
there´s something, that hasn´t been solved...but only have become more complicated?

I have also more or less been willing to buy everything just to feel a little richness
or something unclear, even if I could become comeplety poor over it...

Don´t be so cold over almost everything and only
burn hot by the commercials imaginations, about those needs that the companies brag about, that they can fulfill.

The fineprint done big:
If you buy a commercial product nowadays, because of the things that they want, you to believe in,
then you also buy a naive attitude, and then you leave your room of heart and good attitude behind.
That otherwise could have kept you from living in an imaginary world,
where hollow needs rule, as that the companies have easy access to by this attitude or that product you just bought.
- They can very easily and anytime tell you, what you need to fill out your needs.
But that unfortunately never happens because, the only thing that they can do, is selling you even more hollow needs.
....To your very own neverending poverty....

Study further on your own hunger for buying, and focus on, why it might seem so unclear...?

Their tactic for the one that you don´t have, may not for anything in this world get revealed.


If only the wealth could change hands!!!

Would you like to buy yourself poor in material goods
that only makes the brain behind filthy rich???

It´s not without any reason for certain classes of people, that they know how many money that´s in circulation!!!

Just exactly enough money,
that there´s always somebody who have to be
homeless, always somebody who have to be filthy rich
and always somebody who have to be in between,
for those types of classes can fight and not be able to fight fore their existence!!!

- if homeless couldn´t be classified,
then there was anything, for in between to make the work go out from and
nothing for filthy rich to risk to forget to make the work go out from!!!
and then there wasn´t anything for homeless to make them feel extra homeless for!!!

You always have a choice, eventhough you might not get one !
Who do you want to be ?


I too can´t do everything.

Claus: Those who brags about being able to do everything, can´t do everything, beause they´re bragging!!!

XXXXXX: But they didn´t say that, so they can do everything!

Claus: okay, but they still can´t do everything, because they didn´t brag.


It would be possible to solve all problems in the world, just as it´s possible to
tie them difficult up.
...Poverty doesn´t come on itself
- when money cost something and printing the money and the equipment also costs money.
-- if humanity would, as the humanity could do together,
print all the money, we ever would need and, at the same time plant the resources it took.

...humanity has it´s very own meaning for those
who doesn´t work for it and that has to set all other standards...


Shut the fuck up man, "study the things", you don´t even have the equipment to do so...

Yes, just as much as you have the equipment to let the things go unnoticed by


As I free amaze-on things to your enlightenment!!!

It is, as if they only can communicate with weapons etc.
so much as they have forgot, how one can change it on the human level.

How does one prevent, an action to get planned to happen in the future?
- by counteract the ressurection of the action in the ones, who have it,
by giving them some of the things, that they can have.

And by doing so, the counterpart also get some of what they can´t have, PEACE!!!

Rich and poor terrorists fight like cops and criminals
or should I say like men and women in one eternity,
because it´s more important to irritate eachother with
each of their directions, than meeting in the middle
of the same undressed startingpoint!!!

No matter what the poor terrorists do, as they only can,
will there always be rich terrorists
and no matter what the rich terrorists do, as they only can,
will there always be poor terrorists

All actions in these contexts have a human inlet and outlet
but also a hidden human inlet and outlet!!!

That is why, they seek the inhumanly because the humanly has to stay suppressed and hidden.
So it´s really a question if, the both of them in reality are wise enough to find it within eachother!!!
-only a grown person knows, that if you want to have something to say, acceptance, power or money,
one has to earn it!!!

Symbolical buildings that are bigger, than the ones who have anything against them
wouldn´t get hit
if the money for the buildings had gone those peoples way!!!
then the wise heads have stood so long in line
with their plans,
without anyone of them at all, had thought through the situation from the ground up!!!

XXXXX: It will never work!!!

It´s not difficult to wipe the board clean, but it can be very diffiicult
to wipe all the inprinted impressions in those minds clean, when they are constantly being strengthened
from both sides.


Do you want to see a magictrick ?
-I got two chairs for sale!

XXXXX: So!?, are they leaning???

Are you focusing on that...?

XXXXX: They do look like they´re leaning alot!

They are not leaning
-and that can therefor believe it or not be the reason why they can appear to be leaning!

XXXXX: Why???

Is your sight, maybe not how they will appear before you???, no matter what!!!
- That´s just one amoungst many settings for your sight!!!

XXXXX: I see!!!


It´s like you are not supposed to use the brain in the big city
no matter whether you are coming there to party or shop
can´t you notice it?...
on the money and the other values


You are holding it back!!!

I said, that there will be...

XXXX: No you didn´t...

ok, well
that´s what I´m saying now....
over 6 billion versions and only one world to take it out upon...
but that wasn´t enough!
there are also 6 billion combinations.

Are you able to, finding out yourself, as you are able to finding in yourself, placing
you correct amoungst the others
and see what might appear before you and the others?


It´s all about overcoming things, when you have to...
and not about overcoming things by trying to undercome them constantly...

You don´t have to daubt you faith in your life today...
You need to put your faith in it tonight
Wake it slowly tomorrow and strengthen it hereby...



Heavenly father
I know that you can hear me!

I beg you humbly to
be alittle with us tonight!
-the animals left our home by some distant foundation
for 1 month ago, 2 of our children have gotten the flu
and it´s now even more than ever up to my husbond to
hunt for our daily survival and our way forward...

so therefor
enrich us with your mighty strength so, that we
can continue to get by!

Thanks, for listening


121 years later...

would you fucking listen
give me those fucking new guccies...


Imens jeg sætter lidt psykologi i spil...
-er problemet, at gambling ikke kan gøres op i kroner og ører
men så ligeså er nydelsen også i, at gambling ikke kan gøres op i kroner og ører!!
hvis du vel og mærke vender det den vej, væk fra dig!!

Så vil du vinde fornuft???

Det er bedre, at være rig og kunne have råd til at blive fattig,
end at være fattig og ikke have råd til at blive yderligere fattig.

Det er bedre, at være sig selv og blive mødt med sine venner, der er glade for dit gode gamle jeg,
end ikke at være sig selv og blive mødt for sidste gang af sine venner, der er skuffet over dit dumme nye jeg.

Ved du hvor du har alle tilhængerne af svagheden af din fornuft?,
ellers så ved alle tilhængerne af svagheden af din fornuft, alt om hvor de har dig!!!

En fornuft kan også blive så stærk, at den forsvinder i små bidder,
hvis ikke du forstærker styrken af den, med svagheden af den
og hvis ikke du ser svagheden af den komme, med styrken af den og varetager den varsomt.

Hvad kan en forstærket fornuft blive opløst af?
hvad kan en forstærket fornuft så blive yderligere forstærket af?


I don´t necessarily have to make a living of my art,
so I have opened the opportunity for those with little money,
to also buy some art from me

And if my art will have to rize in personal value aswell money value,
when I´m completly dead???, THEN START TO PURCHASE IT NOW!!!


People are killing eachother with guns, but it
doesn´t get any short of amazing and calmer, when I kill people with words!!!

Put your weight upon
a little resistance, a little of that tailwind that it needs
a little loss, a little of what you would like to win
and you gain
a little balance
a little direction
and a little victory

if a little aren´t enough then who is it that a little
are performing too much for

if anyone are without the balance in between a little loss and a little victory on a daily basis
then this person should balance he or she out of the state of mind, by the perception of having failed...


Dear faith
I hate to sound arrogant
but everything is possible.
-even the impossible


Where did you find that at, and how much did you pay???

I don´t know...!

there you have it, right there!
you really can´t see how much of yourself you pay with, but you should be able to know it
before you feel it...


It´s going to be an expensive and poor ceremony
so now don´t forget the personal values


As referred in the artpiece "Out of a poor mans work" under the cut it out gallery...
what does Marco Evaristti say...?


When you have read this, you might be a little surprised and a little impressed...

Do you have the needs for direction or should I say being controlled...?
-no, not if you went to
fortune tellers and spiritual advisors
who can tell you, that you´ll meet a certain man in your life
that will change your life, (when a woman meets a man, no matter who it is
how is this man supposed not to change the womans life negatively or positively?)
and then you meet a man who changes your life, because you are looking for it, to make it all make sense
and probably also to have something to believe in!

how much of the life in between people aren´t about
control more or less to create an income?

Or have I misunderstood anything ?


Everybody tuned calmly in on the secret millionaire on Tv...
just as some focused on the jealousy within it...

But forgot all about the billionaire...!!!




:"You don´t need sunshine, when you own the night"
You don´t need the cd, when you listen to yourself