...Drugs, violence and crime...


I donīt care how strong the criminal movements seem,
they are still so stupid
that they canīt be performed by only one person


If a woman turn her back on you in the night of the party
after you have talked a bit together, then it doesnīt necessarily mean, that she doesnīt,
want to have anything to do with you, but that
she maybe want to make the unity with you more longingly,
if not for the both of you, then for herself.
- and if you turn this the right way, then you will also be able to get something out of it yourself.

If you turn her around within you,
when and if she turns her back on you
and so on opposite.
Then you have control over what happens in you,
and at the same time also allowed control over her
by the same reason.

Itīs not confusing, because itīs still her!
- and this is almost the same as in reality
except that, you may not
control your woman, without her being cool with it,
and that way there should also still be some
sexual tensions in it for you.

The more work you put into this circle,
the more pleasure without those kinds of aftershocks, will you get again, again and again in this circle:-)

Go get her Tiger!


Can your sinking into the bottom of life be relieved by further sinking into the bottom of life?

Yes, thatīs how it can be felt, when the SPEED reaches the SPEED before that, and before you land on the bottom
- and thatīs whatīs the problem...

You donīt have to worry about your life and your situation!
when you can do drugs
You donīt have to worry about bills!
when you can do drugs
You donīt have to worry about anything!
when you can do drugs

But when the drugs decreases in control over your responsabilty,
all the things return
eventhough, that you have eliminated them for a while...

And if you know this,
and didnīt do drugs
then it can relieve you just as much as doing drugs can!
if you want it to do it?


Howcome you donīt smile?

You try to live a good and a nice life
out of your manīs elements of violence, drugs and crime
and then thatīs about the only thing that you can do!?...

You want out and experience something new,
but then you just get to experience your manīs hand,
and then you find out, adjusting yourself
to satisfy yourself with that.

You have that beauty, that only can be defined and exist
because of your manīs contradictions here to.

You know, where you have your manīs goodness and where you have your manīs evilness,
and if you forget it, yeah well then you just get reminded again.

You have everything you need, eventhough you donīt have everything you need.
- And you can still be just affraid of believing in a problem-free relationship, where you donīt know
where you have the elements as I
could be as affraid of being the man of it.

Howcome you still donīt smile?


The more violence, the more is there to make up

XXXXX: What are you building that upon?

That foundation why Iīm not the only one who can, see through your make-up!

The females recieved again their shock and excitement to their spirits
when their boyfriends were swinging even harder with that hand
so no, it definitely doensīt seem as if everything is alright...
because the females sadly enough still canīt see all the other things come !!!

Your intution can become just as clearly and obvious
as the clearly and obviousness that your partner will do it with


How ?

Thereīs always, at least one way out of even that shit, that seems to have no ways out,
how else would it have been experienced as shit???

How will you pay and get anything else but pistols in return, out of that world
where only pistols are being traded with?

How will you pay and get anything else but impatience and intolerance in return, out of that world
where only impatience and intolerance are being traded with?

How will you pay and get a future in return, out of that world
where only the present moments, are being traded with?


If I should do some modern shit???

Then do drugs, as if you donīt have a brain!!!
do crime, as if you donīt have a chance!!!
donīt think, as if you can!!!

And if I again, accidentally have created an artistic hit!!!
Then it is because that thereīs something
for the one who can see more than his or hers own world!!!


Have you not also been asked....?

I havenīt seen an actionflick,
that didnīt demand the codec of stupidity...