If my psychosis was real
then I could move it with my hands
My psychosis wasnīt real
and that couldnīt I really understand

Until I found out that I could perchieve it as unreally
as I could experince it...
dissolved it... and wrote this...


Psychosis that clearly functions unreally

If I sit down and want to reflect
upon the psychotic things, with a joint in my hand or with what is worse,
then I canīt see the reflections
but clearly feel the joint enhance the psychosis.

What would happen, if I wanted to reflect,
upon the psychotic with keypad or something else,
that clearly feels as what one know it is..:

Would the psychotic be so difficult, to explaine and reflect upon....
if it was clearly and really...and not all the time disappeared just as unreally
as it came, into having daubts about what IT should be....?
in my brain and before my eyes