If you want to come by my house to buy Art from me
you got to take your


XXXXX: The Doctor is ready for you now...!

Claus: Gmy gego gis gwriting ghecks gour gody gan't gash

Dotor: Hmm...???
Well, I have to put you under the diagnose G for Gynedrome

Claus: Gwhat..?


The toilet has been occupied too long at the disco...

XXX: When the fuck is he done???
XXXXX: Arent you standing up when you are taking a dump, god, you are so fucking disgusting!!!


Claus: Okay, well you have a nice time, untill we will see eachother again...

XXXXX: Then Im not allowed to have a nice time anylonger or what?

Claus: You know, what I mean!


Its them again, Sir.
- To take the call, push lightly in the facial temple...

Good day, we have registered, that you for 1 minute and 20 seconds ago
farted on the corner of 42nd street and broadway.
Please have your paying robot, to think "pay 1009"
and the fine is out of this world.

Sincerely regards
Co2 is the past


XXXX: Did you also enter the newyear, in a good way?

Claus: Yeah, well now I dont know what you are referring to
but I was together with 40 single people!

XXXX: PtchaHa ha ha ha


The myth goes as followed...
Claus was swimming in the pool with a hot chick
and when he was about to drown
he accidentally drank the water in the whole pool
when trying to survive.....
...scam? or facts?....


We are the first to do this...
just try to search ebay

Our customers have testrunned everything, so we garantee a long lasting

Sell your used sextoys Tv channel
is soon going on air, with the first things for sale


If you have a car in this weather that we are having,
its a good thing to let be for 20 minutes, before you start it?


If you think that Im a untastefull asshole, then its just because
that we have approached eachother the wrong way...:-)HaHa


I have just got eyes, in the back of my neck
so Im ready for the newyear
because Im not about to get
in between the different gangs
when they are celebrating the newyear


Hey, is everything well?...I have just got home from L.A a hour ago !!!
Hmm, I do, as you know, have schizophrenia, so Ill never have to travel anywhere...
Ohhyeah !, well then youll say hello to the ones that I know...HAH!!!