...Computergame Mentality...


I take on your unbalance
and risk my own balance
to restore yours!!!

A computergame was first interresting
to him, because he didnīt know what it was about...

But it expanded slowly and with unawareness for him in his mind,
as he found an exit and a behavior away from
the fight with his social problems,
in his computergame.

And as he didnīt know, that he could have traded his
sociale problems with the time, to social skills, amongst the people he gave up.
- The computergame didnīt have anything good, to trade his
social problems with, other that feeding his insanity hereabout.

I donīt want to say, how it ends!,
because then I lay that goal firm ahead of you,
and therefor Iīd rather stress, that
nothing in the world can work for any people, what so ever,
without, the inappropriate inputs get the appropriate outputs
from all the other places than where the inputs come from.

Itīs possible, to lose all ones skills and good sides
and then just donīt care about it, but you canīt lose your victim role
here and just donīt care about it, as that is what you win everytime,
you just thought that it was over.

And it might also be possible, that you in the end, can imagine
yourself being totally normal, when you isnīt, but you canīt be it.

Should I, amongst others donīt care!!!???