Life treats us far from creatively
so why not be it ?


One of those places, where the most ideas are growing, is the place where non are yet!
An example of that:
Is, that where somebody are living with the things as they are and accepting it aswell,
is there a way for the creative person!


Writers block or creative wall?

Would it be easier, if I mentioned it as it??
or will you keep on, treating it as a wall for yourself?

Shouldnīt we just get the best out of the wall
instead of feeling clouded with uncertainty and caged in what we only can do
and not all the things we can do with it, and realize, that itīs not even for sure that itīs a wall...??

Thatsīs one of the most funny things about creativity:-):-):-)


Situations one believes arenīt holding room for any outside and good creativety
but only inside and bad creativity...

I hahahahave you sickness in writing, so you canīt do anything else,
than what you are supposed to!!!

Yeah, you have it in writing...

Itīs the same, but not with the same startingpoint and endingpoint...
- If one believes, that one can please the sickness completly,
when one really was trying to please oneself the most
and canīt understand, that it keeps on...

Then itīs actually pretty simple:
Please it and please only it directly
and thereby also yourself indirectly
so it in the end has got what it wanted and
it will leave you be with what you also secretly

A sickness loves the most space to act out in, and it will always love to keep on mingling
but no one are saying, where it are supposed to be!!!


Think the most far ahead...
- Instead of
thinking yourself
further behind than the most needed

Loneliness, boredom and poverty can only give more of the same kind
when you donīt have any ideas with your situation
and itīs not supposed to take all the time that you have
that you could have used on something else

A big city
can provide recycling in many forms

A welfare
can pay for a car, a trailer
or a rented storage room
in the long run

A nightcourse
can teach you social skills and unity
and learn you to fix cars

And being able to fix your own car
can minimize some of your bills

All these plans can provide you
with healthy intersts

And all these experinces
can feed you stomach and your hunger
so that you donīt need food or any other replacements during this time

All this can give you
business sense,
and lots of extra energy
and possibly also lots of money

And this is good for the enviroment
and if one can use that expression
then it also gives something back to society
and proberly also somthing I have overlooked!

So what are you going to do now?


XXXXX: How are you doing it, Claus?

Is a situation supposed to toy with me ?...

Not being creative is located just for the right leg,
for those who havenīt put it up for the mind :-)

Or said in a different and maybe more understandable way
not being creative belongs only to the not being creative
for those who havenīt been thinking creatively hereabout :-)


It doesnīt get any more brillant written than this!!!

The only things a sleeping and inactive life with fast food, candy, cigaretts, drugs, beer, wine and booze
can keep on going together, is your unending psychriatrically decline in the life on the couch or in the bed.
And just enough to be able to go over and shop for more!!!

XXX: Iīm pretty sure, that wine can keep many other things going on together!!!

Keep on going together, I said, together!!!

You only need to eat a carrot,
to feel a carrot making something start to change


XXXX: Poul Pava has fame!

Claus: Look, for crying out loud how big a difference that there are in talent, in what,
he only can provide and to what I can come up with!!!

XXXX: Poul Pava has fame!!!

Claus: What do I have then???

XXXX: You are still a fucking zero!!!

Claus: Alright then I atleast still have something to work out from.

XXXX: Why???

Claus: Because I choose the choice, I donīt get from you, but the one that I always have from myself.
and because I could forget to choose and end up sitting and
work 100% inward with your comment
and then one canīt work 100% outward creatively at the same time...


Just because I donīt sit with a blank sheet of canvas, but with a blank computerscreen
it doesnīt nessaceraly mean that I donīt have a burning passion for it...

One has to burn even more hot and melting, to see it ignite and turn into something!!!


I guess I think that I can find and turn the miseryīs content
into art or what it looks like....
because every time that I do, thereīs an endless amount of outlines left, for it to return in???


If it can affect you as following, what else can it do then...?
Anger, madness and frustration strikes the creative persons aswell as the kid in school
and all of a sudden is he or she not that creative
and says with the face...I can get any damn thing out of it
... and knocks the hand hard down into the table
or throws something after the other creative people

The teacher shakes his head and says...well, you had it there for just a second


One can take a knife and stick it into the heart, but
can one take a lamp and stick it into the heart...?
Yes that is possible, if itīs sharp, do you want me to make it sharp...?
no, Iīd rather stick it up my ass together with all the other things that never get any further
than getting piled up.


Do I repeat or put my name on others texts.....No!
just because someone are repeating the succes from what they and them before them didnīt believe in


If they canīt be more creative
than to their own daubt and suspicions limitation
then god damn they need to get cleaned up.


The patent on saying no, donīt know and ignoring....never happened because of lack of money...!!!
and I thought that it wasnīt reasonable to ask the Danish government for a grant


I would hit all the nails on the nose with one hand
when they protrudes from all the things that their
negavtivety builds and that just are being left time after time...

I could run around stressed out to my own funeral
or donīt give a fuck

but I sat down calmly and
devolped an universal tool