...The Universe...


6800000000 versions and one world to take it out on...and counting...


Would you take my matter or leave it alone?

If we should become wiser of the universe
without using billions on complex researching...
- Then take a moment and look in and learn of your own
developed universe
in between all the others and their universes...

The universe expands still
and there are funny enough also many people here on earth
whoīs expanding out of their shell
and wants to be special, individually, unique
and go their own way...

A new matter got spotted, ANTIMATTER!!!
- should there be anything special of finding
another form of "indifference" to the other matters in the universe
other places in the big universe...?

We have criminals who are birthing criminality,
with the philosophy of doing everything opposite, of what the ordinary matter does...
and we still donīt understand, why it is that they are doing that and why some of them
by time are changing for the better ????

And why is that somebody still not can be
agreing on small things like if the socks shall be thrown or not
when there are so many other great small things in the universe
thatīs worthy of being compared to;-)

But what can the released energy in the battle between antimatter
and the ordinary matter, then be compared to in human contexts ???

A mass, of released space, for something new!!!


When did the city Council last use the
creative activity House, on Vester Allé 15, 8000 Aarhus C???

They are coming all electrical to open, and all electrical too close
but itīs us whoīs the electrodes of the city, so they canīt switch off the light.

The only thing itīs about, is to feel the rush of
the new things thatīs are about to become, when they say they might move the house
but Iīm pretty sure of what I see, that someone might be lightly drunk.

They got to be damn far fetched, if they canīt see Aarhus on the world map...