My name is Claus Velling-Hansen.
I was born in 1981 in Aarhus, Denmark and have lived here ever since.
The first time I reached out for the paintbrush,
it layed in an psychiatric painting course offered by the municipality of Aarhus, and my hand was very heavy.

When the paintbrush showed me the way to the sheet of canvas, I was first just as blank, as
the sheet I stood in front of,
but as I got to it, it was like all the bad things, that had found their way into
my head througout the years got outnumbered by my ideas and haunted out.
As the time went well, and the one dry and wet subject ignited
the other, and I felt, that it was going to continue, the old everyday life lured me away.
And the old everyday life had to do itīs arts with me, before I about three years later
went back to get revenge.
But this time in another and different perspective, the computer graphical art.

Now I collect unlike before a more actual inspiration in things,
which we all known in one way or another from our everyday life.
These things can make people laugh, bluss or bring them a certain seriousity
or perhaps other things or feelings, that you can interpret out from yourself.

Since, that day I began painting, I have been very happy, that I signed up for the
psychiatric painting course, because it opened my eyes up to something,
that not only can help myself in many ways, but maybe also can
contribute to people on their way forward in life.
I hope you will enjoy, what you see here on my website and at my exhibitions.

(-: No one has ever met me like the sheet of canvas :-)