Anne-Mette Lehrskov
is a well established and well educated Artist.
Her history goes way back in the Danish line of Artists,
as she has educated herself in subjects such as..:
Painting and Modelling, Sandfeldskolen
Drawing and Painting, Det lille akademi, Copenhagen
Drawing, Painting and Graphics, Byhøjskolen, Aarhus
Painting, Fruentimmerskolen, Aarhus
Old Painting techniques, Skolen for kunst og håndværk
Graphic Design, Danmedia, Aarhus
Philosophy and Aesthetics, knap BA Aarhus University
Art history, Aarhus University, Single subject.

You can see her artistic craft and more such as



Orla Grane
is another known and well educated Artist, who has
settled down in the City of Aarhus
as most people properly know for his Skrumler.
These skrumler has been made with a machinists background and,
I have also had the honour of taking part in an exhibition with them,
in a previous exhibition in Gallery Gallo.
Orla Grane runs his own gallery on the best adress in the city of Aarhus,
so if you have the time, it´s definitely a visit worth.

You can see his artistic creations and more such as


There is only way forward and, that is one way back,
the mental cossack!!!