...Other great ideas...


It doesn´t get anymore timeless, universal and magicgal here with me

what do you see in it today???

This following artpiece will be made like a computerchip,
with aluminium pictureframe clips being the legs, that computerchips has.
And as another creative patch to the common black center of computerchips
the center will be the actual artpiece.


Chit Chat-installations artpiece

- created with help of my former workplace, that gave me twenty identical
pc-keyboards, that should have been thrown out anyway...

My father also contributed with help, as he told me, how I got
the distance between the letters, lines, top and bottom, right and left, correct.

The artpiece contains most e´s, which also was a great challange,
as I knew, that I were to use 20 e´s to write this...


They rode in
between us on their trojan
horses but our connection couldn´t
be disconnected beacuse we had
found eachothers buttons.

I have to add, that there by the term trojan horses, is being reffered to a very well known
meaning within the computer-world

Secondly the text of the buttons in the artpiece is written in Danish



This four leaved clover, has been cut out og framed around a piece of wood
in the format of 1x1 meter.

This artpiece is sold to the Egmont School in Hou with hope of further fortune


Not everything has to be so square :-)
This is the water-jet-project, that will be named the unwilling pieces

Naive was I to believe, that they could make it on their own, being so close to the ground.
So due to lack of heating and therefor also a cold basement
these wood panels got moist, and I had to make a choice...
so I don´t know, if you remotely can call it district heating,
but then the population of Odder also got a little warmth this year(2014).:-)


The artpiece with lights within it is going to be this one...

And that´s going to be the one and only, so far,
as it has cost me about 1400 Danish kroner, only to buy the white LEDs, that has been mounted on the back of it.
- But if you like it and think that it looks good, then there might be made more in the future...:-)

A video of one of my artpieces with lights within: